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Name Ratings Start date Finish date Days to end Percent of complete Description
Name Ratings Start date Finish date Days to end Percent of complete Description
Devolve DeveloperDevolve Developer ICO Rating11.11.201929.02.2020794% Devolve Developer is the first blockchain-based global real estate platform that will disrupt the real estate industry. Devolve Developer will reshape the real estate industry with the emergence of a new business model leveraging a decentralized technology that creates access, increases efficiencies and reduces costs. Empowering individuals around the world with a trusted and transparent technology, Devolve Developer will discard many of the conventional hindrances and create a fully interconnected global economy that is completely peer-to-peer contributing to improved worldwide capital flow.
3.45M DVX - 2.6M USD.
Bounty manager: NashAmajh
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Lydian LionLydian Lion ICO Rating18.11.201901.03.2020892% Lydian Lion is a new way of using a cryptocurrency based platform with implementations through trading, tourism and living. Lydian Lion will integrate into new and existing social media platforms to reward users for their progress through different applications that will connect through a real-world connection. The Project and Lydian Lion Token itself will connect all our partners and users by giving them opportunities to earn and spend virtual money in real life.
300M Llion - 330k USD.
Signature: 15%, Twitter: 12%, Facebook: 12%, Blog/Media/Article: 12%, Translation: 10%, Youtube: 8%, Telegram: 6%, Linkedin: 6%, Reddit: 6%, Reserved: 10%.
Bounty manager: Trugad
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Aceh CoinAceh Coin ICO Rating10.12.201915.04.20205358% Aceh Coin is a coin created specifically to enter the global market. Aceh coin is created using a decentralized smart contarct ethereum. Aceh coin can be used in all sectors to replace cash. Be it privately or in groups, Aceh coins are built to improve the public economy technologically, competition with the number of stable coins makes Aceh coins one of the coins that are helped to compete with many other stable coins, especially USDT, USDC and others.
750k ACH - 750k USD.
Twitter: 20%, Facebook: 20%, Blog/Article: 15%, Translation: 5%, Youtube: 20%, Linkedin: 20%.
Bounty manager: Kazi Sajib
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Carnomaly27.12.201930.06.202012931% The most advanced online digital platform in the automotive market, bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and the automotive industry.
4.5M CARR - 900k USD.
Video: 20%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Article: 20%, Signature: 20%, Translation: 10%, Telegram: 10%.
Bounty manager: Yabuy92
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BurstexBurstex ICO Rating24.01.202016.03.20202356% Burstex is a crowd owned exchange which allows anyone to own a part of it and earn profits on trading fees. Burstex is built on the completely decentralized Burst blockchain run by an open source community of skilled and enthusiastic developers. Burst is mined using PoC (Proof of Capacity) technology and finally making mining eco-friendly. PoC allows Burst to make instant transactions and be infinitely scalable, giving us an advantage over our competitors. The Burst blockchain enabled us to provide a fast, secure and trustless environment.
21M BEX - 75k USD.
Signature: 20%, Social Media: 20%, Translation/Moderation: 10%, Youtube: 20%, Blog: 20%.
Bounty manager: Flodner
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GeomaThe Geoma DAO ICO Rating06.02.202001.04.20203929% The GEOMA DAO(geo=earth, ma=management) is nothing else than a Distributed Network of Contributors. The DAO is not created for fast profits, it is created to generate steady and sustainable growth and it lives, communicates and interacts via Smart Contracts on the Blockchain.
1M GMD - 10M USD.
Signature: 30%, Twitter: 15%, Telegram: 10%, Video: 20%, Article: 25%.
Bounty manager: julerz12
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BuschCoinBuschCoin ICO Rating07.02.202022.05.20209014% BuschCoin (BUC) is part of the AMOC ecosystem. AMOC is a multiplayer online cannabis trading card game with a big seed market in behind. Did you remember on old times - at the school - all played "stitch" "SuperTrumpf". As card game "my car or my plane or my boat is faster as yours".. "Trumpf".. But it was not fair that the game owner knows all cards and can play better. We have tuned the game concept to a real big game with different playing options, and over 14.000 cards to play. My friend is the owner of the biggest cannabis strain data-base So by 14k cards nobody can know about the complete card stack. We have also different game play variants mixed it with some poker-game-rules & variants to grow it massive up. Later real massive later if we have our gambling license too, user can bet & win on own cards, or from outside as guest. By the way we make sure not a game for cash, and not full of shitty advertisements. User can pay for a lot of specials, decor sets and sounds, but never anything "to play better for cash"!
22M BuschCoin - 92k EUR.
Facebook: 20%, Twitter: 30%, Telegram: 25%, Youtube: 25%.
Bounty manager: kakatua
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Hitmex18.02.202012.06.20201113% HITMEX is the world class blockchain asset exchange with super high performance order matching engine. It is a next generation crypto asset trading platform which aims to support highly leverage and support assets swap of up to $1,000,000 USD per transaction.
Facebook: 10%, Twitter: 15%, Signature: 20%, Telegram: 10%, Youtube: 15%, Blog/Article: 10%, Trading: 20%.
Bounty manager: kakatua
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CERLOS17.02.202031.08.20201913% Is an eco-friendly, sustainable, high-performance building material that is fire, mold, rot and insect resistant. CERLOS was born from our desire to solve four global issues: (1) agricultural/forestry waste, (2) energy shortfall, (3) hazardous building materials, and (4) environmentally unsustainable materials. As a result, it will improve the quality of life physically, financially and environmentally. CERLOS is holding a fundraiser via IEO so we can build a manufacturing facility for commercial production of CERLOS products.
300k CGCX - 300k USD.
LinkedIn: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Blog/Media: 35%, Signature: 25%, Translation/Moderation: 10%.
Bounty manager: CERLOS Bounty
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