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Name Ratings Start date Finish date Days to end Percent of complete Description
Name Ratings Start date Finish date Days to end Percent of complete Description
MORTHO Coin16.01.202115.06.202110828% The First Data-Driven Coin in the World. Because we are now in a data-driven world and Ortho (data) has been dubbed the future of Crypto. Think about it, what does Data drive? Business Decisions on what to buy, sell, stock, discount, markup are all based on past data or future data projections. Sports teams use past data on who to play, strategy, and who to sign. Elections? They use data on all their targeted ads to make themselves look good and their opponents bad. Investments, the news that drives prices up or down is all based on DATA! Where will the Data Come From? The great news? We already have the data. The NYSE is one big API with tons of useful data waiting to be plugged into a smart contract. The same can be said about Bloomberg. The MET office is the golden source of weather data. There are tons of useful open APIs out there as well. Being able to bring data into smart contracts will be a game-changer for the cryptocurrency market. To find our complete information read our whitepaper. 40k MORTHO - 40k USD.
Twitter, Facebook.
Bounty manager: motherocoin
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BasisX18.01.202118.03.20211968% BasisX algorithmic stablecoin tokens are divided into three types: BXC, BXS, and BXB. BasisX has 50,000 BXC mined at an early stage and supports mining with multiple tokens including HUSD,HT,HBTC,HDOT,HETH. In BasisX, users can not only obtain revenue through staking BXS and BXC to provide liquidity, but also through the allocation revenues that BXS holders will receive.
500 BXS - 430 USD.
Twitter: 30%, Telegram: 30%, Youtube: 20%, Article: 20%.
Bounty manager: CoinLover79
Source: Website -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Medium -  Whitepaper
DIVS.IO18.01.202128.02.2021198% Divs, The first exchange to reward users with the exchange fees. We’ve changed the old concept of the exchange rewarding users to personally exchange large amounts of cryptocurrency only to discount future trades. Instead we tally up the majority exchange fees equivalent to .5% of the total exchange volume and distribute it to the DIVS tokens holders who stake. This allows users to buy DIVS tokens and earn exchange fees as weekly rewards in Tron. Staking enough Divs tokens could earn you even more in rewards then you are paying in exchange fees, making exchanges virtually free and then some! 1.79M TRX - 50k USD.
Telegram, Twitter, Blog/Media, Reddit, Youtube, Translation.
Bounty manager: persgrata
Source: Website -  Telegram -  Whitepaper
AlloHash19.01.202103.03.2021491% AlloHash the new Cryptocurrency platform that trades without internet connectivity. The location, status, and internet connectivity charges will no longer matter. With the Call IVR SYSTEM Option, one can either call or SMS to complete a transaction. There have been delays in Cryptocurrency trading due to delayed transfer confirmation processes. Another big challenge has been the internet connectivity in some areas or the costs associated with it. The most interesting part of this platform is the way it transacts. It is very fast and incorporates everyone who has a phone. The funniest part is that a trader uses a Call or SMS to initiate and complete a transaction. The hard to believe part: It has been impossible to have a contactless Cryptocurrency transaction while offline however not anymore. Sending money in areas without internet connectivity has not been easy. However, technological advancement has bailed the Crypto world. The birth of Near Field Communication (NFC) has necessitated the use of mobile phone payments and transactions to a specific Payment Terminal. The system came into play in 2012. From 2012 to 2015, had attracted approximately 53 Million users worldwide. As of 2020, it was estimated that the transaction value would surpass 314 USD. It is through these innovations that Allohash was born. A well-coordinated Call/SMS Payment technology that is linked to Blockchain technology so to say. It facilitates instant transactions regardless of whether one is online or not. No need for a bank account. No fees, and long validation or verification processes. The platform uses 2 types of interfaces, GSM and 3G/ Wi-Fi connections. It is important to note that this idea was hatched out of the need to offer a unique service that would tilt more customers their way.
5M AlloHash - 1M USD.
Twitter, Telegram.
Bounty manager:
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MegaTronMegaTron by Genesis Decoded ICO Rating23.01.202122.04.20215439% Megatron is being developed to be used for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups for utility purposes. Developed for three main objectives: 1) To provide the utmost security for investments made with MTR. 2) To drive & generate profit from our unique projects that have the capability of establishing a name in the market. 3) To ensure zero market manipulation or third party intervention in any manner and achieve optimal customer satisfaction. Our blockchain technology makes use of a decentralized cryptocurrency, running on TRC20 the most stable & secure source of blockchain technology. Megatron (MTR) aims to maintain a safe, secure & scalable - basically a sustainable environment or trading. The purpose of Megatron is to provide more transparency, more availability, and more accessibility in the blockchain industry. Megatron throws light on the integrity of the transaction. Our initiative is to have encryption systems working on P2P broadcast protocol with an improvement in trustworthiness. Also, based on the proof of Work concept and peer to peer transactions, one proposed model would be to broadcast a protocol that is more secure against arbitrary-computational power.
10M MTR - 310k USD.
Signature: 25%, Blog: 15%, Video: 15%, Translations: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Community Support: 10%, Telegram : 5%.
Bounty manager: MegaTron_Global
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UnitedCrowd24.01.202128.02.2021197% UnitedCrowd provides you with a digital financing tool tailored to your needs. Our online platform enables you to acquire investors worldwide, attract customers and expand your community. We lead your company into the digital future – legally secure, individual and affecting the public.
12.5M UCTx - 250k EUR.
Signature: 35%, Blog/Video: 33%, Facebook: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Translations: 10%, Telegram:2%
Bounty manager: Torra
Source: Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Instagram -  Medium
THEFUTBOLCOIN26.01.202108.03.2021978% The Futbol coin(TFC) is the token that monetizes all the attention given to football and enables a digital economy around the sport benefitting all participants.
600k TFC - 150k USD.
Twitter: 13%, Facebook: 12%, Telegram: 12%, Signature: 18%, Article: 20%, Video: 15%, Translation: 10%.
Bounty manager: BountyDetective
Source: Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Whitepaper
BitFuFu01.02.202128.02.2021196% BitFuFu, a standard hashrate platform, is the only designated partner of Bitmain in Mainland China. BitFuFu has established in-depth cooperation in miners, mining farms, and mining pools with Bitmain. As a physical mine sharing platform, BitFuFu offers hashrate (from self-built mines and partner mines) rental services to its clients, so the clients can mine with ease. The miners are placed in professional miner operation sites. A specialized enterprise-level team will search for low-cost energy, and manage and operate the miners, so the clients can just enjoy their daily mining outputs.
0.05 BTC - 2.5k USD.
Twitter, Youtube, Blogs.
Bounty manager: Sujoris
Source: Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram
7PLUS COIN03.02.202102.03.2021389% 7PLUS COIN is developed to enhance and promote seamless transactions between the Yeh Group of companies and tens of hundreds of future medical establishments worldwide. Such establishments ranges from reputable pharma companies like US WorldMeds, Elorac Inc., Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Putney/Dechra, Clinipace Worldwide and many others. 7PLUS Coin is an ERC-20 utility token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a total supply of 200 million tokens, and to be at $0.1 per SV7 coin during private and public sale respectively.
500k SV7 - 50k USD.
Video/Articles: 20%, Translations: 10%, Twitter: 20%, Facebook: 20%, Telegram: 10%, Youtube: 10%, Reserve: 10%.
Bounty manager: 7pluscoin_official
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Greeneum NetworkGreeneum Network ICO ICO Rating05.02.202111.03.20211265% Greeneum is a blockchain-based marketplace that aims to connect all entities in the energy supply chain. The platform uses smart contracts and AI machine learning to create a decentralized, sustainable energy market. AI is used to predict prices and provide consumers and producers optimal energy rates.
700k GREEN - 21k USD.
Articles: 21%, Twitter: 50%, Telegram: 29%.
Bounty manager: amos77978
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PASTEL NETWORK01.02.202128.03.20212947% A peer to peer decentralized place to securely sell, own and trade digital art, disrupting the fee ridden world of Art. For the first time digital art has become provably rare, authenticated by our unique protocol.
8k USD.
Signature: 35%, Twitter: 10%, Youtube: 30%, Article: 25%.
Bounty manager: legendster
Source: Website -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
HashbonHashbon ICO Rating02.02.202104.05.20216627% Buy, exchange and sell cryptocurrency (we support more than 30 currencies), accept payments in cryptocurrency from customers. Fast, safe, easy. See details!
26M HASH - 2.6M EUR.
Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, Medium, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, Blogs, Signature.
Bounty manager: Hashbon
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Blockmembers.io08.02.202109.05.20217121% Block Members will be the drive for funding ‘Auto-Construction’ allowing everyone to purchase a stake in this new global industry. Be one of the first to purchase a Member Placement (MP) and shape the future of a $10 Trillion industry.
500k MPs - 500k USD.
Blog, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, Reddit, Signature, Translation, Group Owners.
Bounty manager: Apened
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PIE NETWORK 09.02.202109.04.20214131% Pie Token is free tokendrop for all crypto community, especially for users of Binance Smart Chain, we believe that in Binance Smart Chain network is the best choice for the future of our project. We learned how bitcoin has grown to date because it originated from a very strong and sincere community promoting bitcoin.
130k PIE - 1.8k USD.
Article: 40%, Youtube: 40%, Meme: 20%.
Bounty manager: pienetwork
Source: Website -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Medium - 
Help coins10.02.202101.05.20216321% HCS is developing to take charity, to the next degree for all. With HCS extraordinary, modern blockchain technology, the sector of donations will revel in a significant transformation regarding security and speed of delivery. Taking part in the HCS ICO will provide you with the opportunity to be a part of this innovative blockchain-based decentralized undertaking in addition to receiving the benefit of earnings from the preliminary supplying. (P.S): we don't accept any donations if you want to donate send your donations to Binance charity 'BEWARE OF SCAMMRS' we want you to use HCS coin to donate with it.
2M HCS - 300k USD.
Twitter, Reddit, Translation.
Bounty manager: help coins
Source: Website -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Medium -  Whitepaper
QWERTYCOIN14.02.202127.03.20212832% Qwertycoin is a a decentralized peer to peer protocal for safe payment and communication worldwide.
500M QWC - 100k USD.
Twitter: 20%, Youtube: 10%, Blog/Article: 15%, Facebook: 20%, Discord: 10%, Instagram: 15%, Translation: 10%.
Bounty manager: Qwertycoin_QWC
Source: Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
ReedElsevier17.02.202130.03.20213124% RELX is a platform currency representing value and wealth in the decentralized economy used for the exchange of values between RELX companies, employees, customers, and other third-party entities. your swap is a new form of the governance system, a think-tank where innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological advancements are the priority, creating a much needed utility focus to the blockchain space.
50k RELX - 250k USD.
Twitter: 20%, Facebook: 20%, Telegram: 10%, Reddit: 15%, KYC: 20%, Video/Article: 15%.
Bounty manager: ReedElsevier
Source: Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Reddit
Rise Protocol16.02.202115.03.20211641% The world’s most advanced synthetic rebase token, Rise Protocol combines revolutionary tokenomics and features with the best and latest decentralized finance (DeFi) technology. Smart contract has already passed audits by CTDSec (professional auditing firm) and Shappy from WarOnRugs.
1k RISE - 25k USD.
Twitter: 20%, Content: 40%, Telegram: 20%, Reddit: 10%, Reserved: 10%.
Bounty manager: RiseBounty
Source: Website -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
BEATBINDBeatBind ICO Rating15.02.202114.03.20211544% BeatBind aims to become the long-awaited platform for music event organization, with BBND being the cryptocurrency token used for all its transactions.
50M BBND - 2.5M USD.
Twitter, Youtube, Article, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Influencer.
Bounty manager: airdata
Source: Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Instagram -  Medium -  Whitepaper
FRX23.02.202122.03.20212315% FRX is world's first decentralized hedge fund token, combining a hedge fund's diverse alpha generation capabilities with the liberties afforded by a dynamic DeFi ecossytem.
6M FRX - 120k USD.
Airdrop: 32%, Meme: 24%, Video/Articles: 24%, Signature: 20%.
Bounty manager: pakhitheboss
Source: Website -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Medium -  Whitepaper
IOI GameIOI Game ICO Rating24.02.202120.04.2021525% IOI is a cryptocurrency social trading and tracking platform that adds an element of gamification and gambling. On IOI, you can trade cryptocurrencies, track your portfolio, follow the best performing traders and copy their trades. Traders may bet on themselves and compete against each other in 24-hour long trading contests known as races.
3.3k IOI - 10k USD.
Twitter: 70%, Telegram: 30%.
Bounty manager: Hhampuz
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Instagram -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper