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Name Ratings Start date Finish date Days to end Percent of complete Description
Name Ratings Start date Finish date Days to end Percent of complete Description
The Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) 17.02.201831.08.20181493% A total of 2.5% (40M SKT) of the total token supply will be assigned to the Bounty Pool. Twitter (need report): 7.5%, Facebook (need report): 7.5%, Translation & Moderation: 5%, Signature: 30%, Content: 30%, Youtube: 2.5%, Telegram: 5%.
ZeroState01.03.201831.08.20181492% 3% (600000 USD in ZSC). Twitter (need report): 10%, Facebook (need report): 25%, Telegram: 5%, Blogs/Articles: 5%, YouTube: 5%, Support: 7%, Application: 7%, Signature: 35%, Other: 1%.
SGV-G11.03.201831.03.201922641% 500.000 SGV TOKEN - 5 MILLION EURO CAMPAIGN. Translation, Social Media, Youtube Media, Bitcointalk and Blogs.
EntryMoney08.04.201831.08.20181490% The Bounty Pool of 7,65 Million ENTRY tokens and Airdrop Pool of 2,35 Million ENTRY. Signature and Avatar: 15%, Social Media (need report) – 15% (Twitter: 5%, Facebook: 5%, Telegram: 2.5%, Reddit: 2.5%), Articles/blogs/YouTube/infographics: 12%, Translation, Moderation & Community Management: 7%, Other: 7.5%, Referral: 20%.
GeseGESE ICO ratingGese ICO rating09.04.201804.10.20184873% 2% tokens. Signature: 35%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Bloging: 30%, Translation: 10%, Telegram: 5%.
ALPHAMARKET16.04.201801.10.20184573% 50000000 AMC (5% of the issued token). Translation and moderation: 10%, Subscriptions: 10%, Twitter and Facebook (need report): 30%, Blog/Media/Articles/YouTube: 30%, Signature: 20%.
BUZCOINBuzcoin ICO ratingico rating TBDBuzcoin ICO rating25.04.201816.09.20183079% 2% tokens (1 BUZ = 0,1 USD). Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Instagram: 30%, Media (Steemit, Golos, Medium, Youtube, Blogs and etc.): 25%, Signature: 15%, Moderation: 10%, Future contests: 10%, Social Media AirDrop: 5%, Telegram Logo and Title: 5%.
Orvium05.05.201831.08.20181488% A total of 1% of the raised amount (in tokens). Steemit: 5%, Youtube: 2.5%, Content: 30%, Facebook: 7.5%, Twitter: 7.5%, Telegram: 5%, Signature: 30%, Cryptocompare: 5%, Translation & Moderation: 5%, Bonus: 5%.
PlaceToRent18.05.201825.09.20183970% 3% of total issued tokens. Twitter: 20%, Facebook: 20%, Article Writing: 20%, Give Feedback: 20%, Become a PlaceToRent Friend: 15%, Translation: 5%.
Socratus25.05.201830.09.20184466% 2% of the tokens sale. Social media: 30%, Insurance experience: 20%, Signature: 20%, Translation: 10%, Blog & YouTube: 20%.
XcovXcov ICO rating26.05.201830.08.20181386% 15000000 tokens. Referral: 5%, Telegram: 5%,Medium: 5%, Youtube: 5%, Reserved for Bounty Team: 10%, Translations: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Blogs & Article: 15%, Signature and Avatar: 25%.
JibbitJibbit ICO rating27.05.201831.08.20181485% 35000000 JIBBIT Tokens. Telegram: 10%, Signature: 15%, Facebook: 17.5%, Twitter: 17.5%, Reddit: 5%, Content campaign: 25%, Translation: 10%.
BizShakeBizShake ICO rating02.06.201831.10.20187550% 3750000 BZS. Facebook: 12%, Twitter: 12%, Reddit: 12%, Telegram: 12%, Linkedin: 4%, Crypocurrency talk: 6%, Youtube: 5%, Content: 3%, MVP: 10%, Bug: 2.5%, Translation: 2%, Signature: 7%, Other: 12.5%.
MetaHashMetaHash ICO rating04.06.201830.09.20184463% MetaHash is a next-generation network based on the Blockchain 2.0 technology for sharing digital assets and a platform for creating and managing decentralized apps and services in real-time. TraceChain: the fastest and most secure Blockchain. More than five billion transactions per day, no more than three seconds to validate a transaction. MetaApps: New generation of Smart Contracts. Decentralized real-time applications that are operated like regular web services and developed with the help of any programming language including C ++, PHP, Solidity and others. MetaGate: Decentralized Internet. Decentralized apps directory and a multi-asset wallet that won't overload your computer. MetaHashCoin: MetaHash network exchange asset. MetaHashCoin is used to ensure the reliability of the network, exchange services and regulate its self-financing and development.
300 ETH - 150k USD.
Social media: 35%, Signature: 25%, Blog/YouTube: 25%, Telegram: 15%.
Bounty manager: HeroSam911
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Instagram -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
DeStream07.06.201831.08.20181484% 1% of tokens sold. Signature: 20%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Airdrops: 10%, Other: 50%.
Storeplex07.06.201831.08.20181484% 100000000 PLEX tokens. Twitter, Youtube, Articles, Translation, Telegram.
PayBlokPayBlok ICO ratingPayBlok ICO rating09.06.201823.09.20183765% 2500000 PBLK. Medium: 9%, Twitter: 10%, Linkedin: 8%, Facebook: 10%, Telegram: 20%, Reddit: 9%, Youtube: 16%, Signature: 10%, Articles: 8%.
IDAPIdap ICO ICO rating11.06.201830.08.20181384% 25 Million Tokens. Twitter: 14%, Facebook: 14%, Telegram: 2%, Youtube: 6%, Reddit: 4%, Creative: 18%, Translation: 16%, Signature: 22%, Exclusive Support: 4%.
OZEXozex ICO ratingOZEX ICO rating13.06.201830.08.20181383% 300000000 Tokens. Signature: 10%, Translations: 5%, Content: 20%, Twitter: 20%, Telegram: 10%, Korean: 20%, Registeration & KYC: 15%.
KryptoinKryptoin ETFs:  Decentralized ETF Systems ICO ratingKryptoin ICO rating02.07.201802.09.20181674% The Kryptoin ETF System is a patent-pending platform that enables a digital token to be exchange-traded with a basket of cryptocurrencies that represents any index or sector. The ETF application integrates with any blockchain to enable that cryptocurrency to be included in the exchange trade. All ETF tokens are inherently asset-backed. The smart contract is utilized to bind specific requirements of the in-kind exchange creating a decentralized asset management system. Kryptoin ETF Tokens behave like traditional ETFs found on a stock exchange but the underlying assets are digital currencies. They are exchange traded by a Kryptoin Trading Desk and can be liquidated on a digital exchange. ETFs tokens can be assembled to track any index or benchmark of any sector or niche market globally.
5% sold tokens.
Social media: 30%, Blog/YouTube: 15%, Signature: 15%, Telegram: 15%, Translation: 5%, Whitelist: 20%.
Bounty manager: bountyportals
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
OEL FoundationOEL Foundation ICO rating14.06.201831.08.20181482% 450000 tokens. Signature: 22.2%, Content: 44.4%, Telegram: 17.8%, Contest and lotteries: 4.4%, Translations: 6.7%, Bonus: 4.4%.
XTRDXTRD ICO rating18.06.201809.09.20182372% 1904914 XTRD tokens. Translation & Moderation: 15%, Content creation (Blogs & Media): 25%, Twitter: 20%, Facebook: 20%, LinkedIn: 10%, Other: 10%.
TrivverTrivver ICO rating21.06.201828.09.20184258% 245000 TRVR tokens. Content creation: 37.5, Telegram: 10%, Signature: 25%, Bonus: 10%, Contest/Lottery: 10%, Translation: 7.5%.
CodexCodex ICO rating21.06.201831.08.20181480% 200000 USD in CodexCoins. Content creation: 40%, Telegram: 10%, Signature: 25%, Bonus: 5%, Contest/Lottery: 20%. ICO ICO rating22.06.201818.08.2018198% 8888889 HRO tokens. Signature: 10%, Translation: 10%, Content creation (Youtube Video, ICO Review, Article, Blog): 35%, Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram): 35%, Refferal: 10%.
KVANTORKvantor ICO rating23.06.201827.09.20184157% 100000 tokens. Speed Round: 10%, Twitter: 15%, Facebook: 15%, Article: 10%, Signatures : 10%, Youtube: 10%, Quiz Contest: 5%, Discover Kvantor: 10%, Surprises: 15%.
BITTECH20.06.201820.08.2018395% 5% of funds raised during the ICO. Signature: 25%, Facebook: 25%, Twitter: 25%, Media (Steemit, Golos, Medium, Youtube, Blogs): 20%, Telegram: 5%.
Sports LedgerSports Ledger ICO rating25.06.201811.10.20185549% 3125000 SPSL Tokens. APP Download: 32%, Telegram: 23%, Trivia Quiz: 5%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Instagram: 8%, Video/Blog: 7%, Signature: 5%.
LIPCHAIN25.06.201811.11.20188638% 10000000 LIPS tokens. Telegram: 5%, Twitter: 12.5%, Facebook: 12.5%, Translation: 15%, Blog/Media: 25%, Signature: 30%.
FinnoqFinnoq ICO rating28.06.201815.10.20185946% The Finnoq protocol produces a better basis for decisions by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd and game theory principles. The protocol is an open source digital infrastructure for decentralized opinion markets where developers have access to. Every developer can build their application on top of the Finnoq. The developer will be able to choose modules from the service layer. Modules are the bridge between the Finnoq Core and its end applications and represent different kinds of voting parameters. Templates are also generated as pre-defined groups of modules, proven to execute for an end application. All modules can be easily integrated into an application with an standardized API.
9980392 FNQ token - 998k USD.
Social Media Channels, Refferal, Contests.
Bounty manager: Sukrim
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Instagram -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
Vidy28.06.201831.10.20187540% Vidy’s ad placement mechanism is a proprietary open-source NLP protocol, run by miners, that automatically places video ads on a massive scale into the hyper-relevant text of millions of publisher pages.
50000000 VidyCoin.
Content: 25%, Signatures: 25%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Reddit: 5%, Instagram: 5%, Steemit: 5%, Linkedln: 5%, Translation&Moderation: 5%, Telegram: 5%.
Bounty manager: vidy
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Instagram -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
Kaze26.06.201816.09.20183063% 375000 Kaze coins. Local community: 20%, Signatures: 15%, Discord: 15%, Telegram: 10%, Reddit: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Medium: 5%, Bonus: 5%.
NetScoutersNetscouters ICO rating30.06.201808.09.20182269% We are principally desired to build a decentralized, meritorious,, transparent and unified platform to access, validate an empower players skill and contributing to the more commercialization of the football game. By extension, it simply means an effort to collaborate with public and private sectors or agencies on how to contribute collectively in making the football game a more inclusive one where both the rich, poor, white or black child can develop his or her inborn potentials, contribute to the excitement we enjoy from skillful footballers, the promotion of the status and economy of the clubs and leagues they play for. Netscouter is committed in rendering effective service delivery in promoting these premature clubs and bringing a fair level playing ground for both players, agents and the mega clubs in search for a greener pastures (talented players to contribute to their internally generated revenue and win them trophies) etc.
21.5 millions of tokens - 1.5M EUR or 3224 ETH.
Blog: 10%, Youtube: 10%, Signatures: 7%, Twitter: 25%, Facebook: 10%, Reddit: 5%, PR: 2%, Airdrop: 8%, Linkedln: 15%, Translation: 12%, Telegram: 6%.
Bounty manager: Simple_Man
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Medium -  Whitepaper
AutoBlockAutoBlock ICO rating30.06.201830.09.20184452% 4000000 ATC. CONTENT AND BLOG: 20%, FACEBOOK: 12.5%, TWITTER: 12.5%, TRANSLATION: 5%, MEDIUM: 5%, TELEGRAM: 5%, SIGNATURE: 20%, REDDIT: 5%, LINKEDIN: 5%, PRESENTATIONS AND EVENTS: 10%.
Philanthor02.07.201803.09.20181773% 40000000 PTH Tokens. Article/Blog: 15%, Translation: 15%, Twitter: 7.5%, Facebook: 7.5%, Reddit: 5%, Linkedin: 10%, Telegram: 5%, Youtube: 15%, Signature: 20%.
Tita ProjectTITA Project ICO rating02.07.201803.09.20181773% 2000000 TTN Tokens. Multimedia: 25%, Translation: 20%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Reddit: 5%, Linkedin: 5%, Telegram: 5%, Signature: 20%.
TrecentoTrecento Blockchain Capital ICO rating03.07.201801.10.20184550% 200000 Trecento Token (TOT). Newsletter: 5%, Telegram: 5%, Facebook: 15%, Twitter: 15%, Linkedin: 10%, Signature/Avatar: 10%, Video: 20%, Article: 20%.
WeiDex03.07.201802.09.20181674% 250000 USD worth of Tokens. YouTube/Blog posts/Articles: 25%, Signature: 20%, Twitter: 15%, Facebook: 15%, Reddit: 10%, Telegram: 5%, Translations: 5%, Linkedin: 5%.
Cereal07.07.201830.08.20181376% Cereal is a platform offering credit products that are secured by customers mining equipment, cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets. Thanks to Cereal there's no need for borrowers to sell their valuable blockchain assets in order to access fiat money. Instead they can secure their cryptoassets as collateral, in order to receive cash for the purpose of covering their business and living expenses.
3% of issue tokens. Social media: 10%, Spartans: 10%, Telegram: 13%, Article/Video: 10%, Opinion leaders: 35%, Translation and Moderation: 7%, Seekers: 2.5%, Youtube/Viulu: 2.5%, Reserve: 10%.
Bounty manager: Cereal Team
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Medium -  Whitepaper
eLYQDeLYQD ICO rating07.07.201801.09.20181573% 800000000 LYQD tokens. Signature: 30%, Facebook: 15%, Twitter: 20%, Blog & Video: 10%, Linkedin: 10%, Reddit: 5%, Telegram: 10%.
SPORTSFIXSportsFix ICO rating08.07.201801.10.20184547% SF presents a decentralized sports media ecosystem which aims to completely change the way fans connect and engage with sports content. In its current stage, SF is a rapidly growing over-the-top (OTT) business in Asia streaming local and international sports events to millions of fans every week and on track to become one of the most valuable video streaming platforms in the region.
24000000 SFT Tokens - 2.4M USD.
Signature: 25%, Twitter:10%, Facebook: 10%, Reddit: 5%, Medium:5%, Blogs/Article/YouTube: 20%, Translations: 5%, Telegram: 5%, Airdrop/Meme Challenge/Special Task: 15%.
Bounty manager: Marco Ambrusini
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Medium
DafzoDafzo ICO ratingDAFZO ICO ICO rating09.07.201804.01.201914022% Dafzo is the World's first decentralized Global P2P Logistics Platform which is about the disrupt the USD 8,797 billion logistics industry with its Patent International Trade Finance technology.
1400000 DFZ tokens - 700k USD.
Signature: 35%, Youtube/Blog/Article: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Twitter: 15%, Translation: 15%, Telegram: 10%, Reddit: 5%.
Bounty manager: Needmoney
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Reddit
FlipNpikFlipNpik ICO rating09.07.201831.10.20187534% FlipNpik is the first blockchain-based collaborative social media tailored for local businesses. In the FlipNpik ecosystem, the value generated is distributed in an equitable and decentralized manner among all active collaborators : consumers, businesses and ambassadors partners. The primary mission is to contribute to the improvement of the local economy and to promote the circuits of local and responsible consumption.
10500000 FNP.
Twitter: 9%, Content: 30%, Translations/Moderation: 3.5%, Signature: 30%, Facebook: 6%, Linkedin: 9%, Messenger: 3%, Newsletter: 1%, Youtube: 4.5%, Bonus: 4%.
Bounty manager: Ouissem
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Whitepaper
BeANKHBeANKH ICO rating10.07.201814.10.20185840% BeANKH is a blockchain based platform, utilizing the power of smart contract and artificial intelligence algorithms to create a person's digital analogue by Identifying unique thinking patterns, emotional response templates in order to model future behavior of the analogue that will keep functioning after physical death of the person.
5% Tokens.
Bounty manager: Daggny_taggart
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Medium
AriznArizn ICO rating10.07.201826.09.20184049% Arizn is creating a crowdfunding platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. A completely transparent distributed ledger that is publicly view-able by anyone.
108 million token - 2M USD.
Blog: 7.5%, Video: 7.5%, Twitter: 7%, Facebook: 15%, Reddit: 7%, Signature: 14%, Translation: 10%, Telegram: 8%, Forum: 8%.
Bounty manager: Lovesybitz
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Instagram -  Whitepaper
EverLifeEverLife.AI ICO ratingEverLife.AI ICO rating10.07.201809.09.20182362% EverLife aims to create a gigantic ecosystem of immutable Avatars on the Blockchain to power real-life opportunities. Our team brings decades of venture experience in Technology, Marketing and Operations. EverLife Alpha version of the app is released already to a limited set of users.
2% tokens.
Avatar: 20%, Avatar Referrals: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Blogs/Articles: 7%, YouTube: 7%, Signature: 25%, Support: 7%, Other: 4%.
Bounty manager: Trugad
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Medium
FuzeX18.07.201821.08.2018488% Combine your cryptocurrency, debit, credit and reward accounts into one simple and secure e-card solution. Real-time exchange rates mean that you can spend your cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere you like. Cycle through your cyrptocurrency, debit, credit, and reward accounts on the E-Paper display to select your method of payment. Store up to 15 cryptocurrency accounts, 10 credit or debit cards and 5 reward cards all in one clever e-card. Two-factor authentication, loss prevention and an on-card key code give you the peace of mind to spend securely.
Reddit: 10%, Content: 40%, Twitter: 20%, Facebook: 10%, Signature: 20%.
Bounty manager: FuzeX_AG
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Reddit
Blackbox11.07.201822.08.2018588% Blackbox OS (BBOS) is a business operating system to manage distributed companies, teams, and projects on the blockchain. Built upon Ethereum, BBOS is a DApp that serves internal contributors, member organizations, and token holders also known collectively as the Blackbox Network.
2% tokens.
Video: 15%, Translation: 10%, Twitter: 12%, Facebook: 12%, Media/Blogs/Articles: 15%, Telegram: 10%, Signature: 20%, Youtube: 2%, Airdrops/Other: 4%.
Bounty manager: Rig4hodlers
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Whitepaper
Cosplay TokenCosplay Token ICO ratingCosplay Token ICO rating12.07.201830.09.20184445% To achieve this, Cure WorldCosplay will issue "Cosplay Token", which is to become de-facto currency of cosplay economy, and will implement token system to Cure WorldCosplay, which already has 720,000 signed up members from 180+ countries.
400000 USD paid out in Cosplay Token (COT).
Content, Translations.
Bounty manager: CosplayToken
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Medium
MYCRYPTOBANKMyCryptoBank ICO rating13.07.2018 30.08.20181373% MyCryptoBank - is an online bank allowing any client registered in the electronic bank system to make a full range of bank operations, additional operations with cryptocurrency (payment processing, debit cards, credits and cheap investment products, use of cryptoassets as credit security and many others) based on Blockchain technology without visit of department. So, MyCryptoBank provides services of client's remote access to accounts, products and bank services in order to make banking operations.
10000000 MBC - 2.08 million USD.
Bounty manager: Erickvand
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Instagram -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
PlanportPlanport ICO ratingPlanport ICO rating13.07.201830.09.20184444% The Planport Platform powered by the PORT token aims to solve these problems by unifying the entire procurement process end-to-end and empowering enterprises and suppliers using a decentralized business-to-business network in the supply chain industry. Buyers and sellers can use the platform for procurement, auctions, payments, and contract management. At the end of the supplier and buyer interaction, our invoice marketplace enables suppliers to push invoices to a network of global investors where they can access a diverse range of funders. This marketplace is built on the Blockchain distributed technology allowing participants to have a secure and efficient way to settle trade finance assets in the $3 trillion factoring industry.
500k USD in tokens.
Twitter: 10%, Article: 22%, WeChat: 2%, Signature: 24%, Facebook: 5%, Linkedin: 4%, Medium: 8%, Reddit: 8%, Youtube: 5%, Telegram: 8%, VK: 4%.
Bounty manager: Malekcap
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
ShipitShipit (OP ICO ratingShipit ICO rating16.07.201831.10.20187530% Shipit - is a community of senders and travelers united by the mobile app that helps the former ship packages and the latter make extra money while traveling. Shipit is a symbiosis of best ideas and practices of courier, crowdsource and crowdshipping services. We have synthesized the best business practices to create a revolutionary and unique service. Just as Uber and BlaBlaCar have already become a part of our daily lives, Shipit is going to become an irreplaceable tool for shipping. It is the first app of its kind that will use smart contracts and blockchain as a native tool to make people lives easier all around the world. By implementing Shipit tokens and using the blockchain we want to build relationships between users based on transparency, safety and ease of tracking for all deliveries on the platform. While courier services are becoming more expensive, Shipit allows users to ship and track open packages at lower costs and risks. Shipping has never been easier.
5% of the total amount tokens - 2.5M USD.
BitcoinTalk Community: 32%, Facebook: 8%, Twitter: 8%, Translation: 4%, Support Shipit on third parties: 12%, Telegram: 12%, Blog/News: 20%, Mobile application: 8%.
Bounty manager: Shipit_ico
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
InmusikInmusik ICO rating16.07.201820.08.2018391% Inmusik is a blockchain-powered music ecosystem for listeners and musicians to monetize from creating, discovering, upvoting content. The system is built on a viable and scalable business model which uses cryptocurrency rewards for better accounting and provides a financial framework on which future music industry applications can be built. Add to this, the Inmusik blockchain is being created with the help of the major publishers to include digital rights management for every song added to the blockchain. While the platform will have independent content, it is all the first blockchain streaming app to have major label music.
1000000 $OUND - 100k USD.
Signature: 60%, Article: 20%, Video: 20%.
Bounty manager: Sapta
Source: Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Medium -  Whitepaper
Block66Block66 ICO rating16.07.201805.09.20181963% Block66 is building a new blockchain-enabled marketplace for mortgages. Institutional and private lenders can use the service to offer loans to a wide range of borrowers, introduced by Block66 broker partners. Through the practical use of smart contracts, loans can be taken from origination to facilitation, quickly and efficiently. All loans are also represented as tradable tokenized securities, providing a liquidity mechanism as standard. The ability to trade fractions of loans, and reduced order and issuing fees makes investing more inclusive, providing an attractive investment vehicle for all manner of investors. Thanks to the use of cryptocurrency, Block66 eliminates the need for a bank account, overcomes geographical lending restrictions and reduces counterparty risk to mere minutes. For borrowers, the transparent and competitive nature of the marketplace will benefit the consumer and give them confidence that they're getting near enough the best offer achievable.
1333337 B66 tokens - 200k USD.
Telegram: 29%, Linkedin: 10%, Twitter: 15%, Facebook: 10%, Reddit: 10%, Articles: 10%, Infographic: 10%, Other: 6%.
Bounty manager: Pask777
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
LIOSLIOS ICO rating18.07.201830.09.20184441% SYSTRAN INTERNATIONAL and 4i SOFT are designing a new ecosystem that combines artificial intelligence translation technology with blockchain technology. This new system will enable fair compensation for participants, efficient model of sharing information and resources, which will create a futuristic, open industrial ecosystem.
1.5% of total amount tokens - 6M USD.
Signature: 30%, Content (blogs and media publications): 20%, VIP Media Publications: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Reddit: 5%, Translation and Moderation: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Telegram: 5%.
Bounty manager: LIOSPLATFORM
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
PAYPERBLOCKPayperblock ICO rating19.07.201830.09.20184440% Leading the way for a smarter future, by connecting the right talents with the right jobs, so that every potential blockchain project has the best prerequisite to succeed. Our number one goal is to offer transparent and fair platform with lowest fees possible. It's that simple.
50000000 PayB - 250k USD.
Signatures: 18%, Twitter: 25%, Facebook: 23%, Articles: 14%, Youtube: 15%, LinkedIn: 5%.
Bounty manager: SocialCloud
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Whitepaper
SyntheticsSynthetics Ai ICO rating19.07.201830.09.20184440% At synthetics ai we connect brands & consumers through conversation. We create chatbot solutions for innovative companies and market leaders, who provide immediate communication between the brand and the consumer, delivers better involvement and offers a more personalised approach to serve customers and create awareness. Constructed with the latest ai, machine learning and natural language processing technology, creates automated conversational agents and virtual assistants who are well-versed on your company whether that's trade, fashion or some other industry. We utilise the best technology to enable automatic involvement, train and customise the chatbot options for every business and company to uniquely fulfil the requirements, solve problems, and predict the actions of your clients.
25000000 SYNTH Coins.
Signature: 25%, Social media/Publications: 55%, Translation community and moderation: 15%, AIDROP: 5%.
Bounty manager: Syntheticsai
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Whitepaper
LaborCryptoLaborCrypto ICO rating22.07.201830.09.20184437% The global freelance peer to peer ecosystem that shares revenue. LaborCrypto is a peer-to-peer freelancing platform backed by blockchain technology to create a more meritocratic ecosystem. The protocol design uses a smart contract-based escrow mechanism, creating a platform that's fair to both clients and freelancers. LaborCrypto's goal is to reinvent the freelancing community using the latest blockchain technology and virtual currencies, in order to share revenue with its users.
350 Million Tokens - 175k USD.
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, Meetup, Youtube, Instagram.
Bounty manager: Lehuyaxib1
Source: Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Instagram -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
Virtual RehabVirtual Rehab ICO rating22.07.201814.10.20185831% Virtual Rehab's evidence-based solution leverages the advancements in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies for pain management, prevention of substance use disorders, and rehabilitation of repeat offenders. Our all-encompassing solution includes services in a telemedicine context and can extend to individual users of the Virtual Rehab solution to serve the B2C market, in addition to hospitals, rehab centers, correctional facilities, and others to serve the B2B market. Furthermore, using blockchain technology, we can now reach out to those vulnerable populations directly, to offer help and reward, by empowering them with the use of Virtual Rehab's ERC-20 $VRH Token within our network.
150k USD in tokens.
Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, YouTube: 3%, Telegram: 10%, LinkedIn: 5%, Medium: 5%, Video: 18%, Content: 17%, Translation: 12%, Reserve: 10%.
Bounty manager: VirtualRehab
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Whitepaper
MUXEMUXE ICO rating22.07.201805.10.20184935% MUXE is a one-stop platform that facilitates from buying your DREAM HOME, to getting RENTAL income from your extra space, inspired with latest INTERIOR DESIGNS tips, sourcing best MAINTENANCE contractors for your property to ordering HOME IMPROVEMENTS to spruce up your current pad. This is easily navigated by MUXE interactive platform that can help even the average users to find their needs adopting latest technology on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps. With these tools, it will help the user to make important decisions better in a secured P2P platform.
100k USD in tokens.
Twitter: 35%, Facebook: 35%, LinkedIn: 30%.
Bounty manager: MuxeProject
Source: Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram
CEWNOTECewnote ICO rating23.07.201825.12.201813016% Cewnote is a decentralized news platform using blockchain technology and is established on the Ethereum blockchain. With usage of blockchain technology, the Cewnote platform will be decentralised and able to bring more trustworthy news. We will use an advanced algorithm that makes usage of Cewnote tokens, to decentralize and revolutionize the news industry. Cewnote wants to integrate blockchain technology into the online media/news industry to decentralize this industry worldwide.
5% of tokens.
Signature and Avatar: 20%, Telegram: 5%, Translations and moderation: 10%, Blog and Article: 10%, Twitter/Facebook: 30%, Youtube: 10%, Others: 10%.
Bounty manager: Lauda
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CyberFM23.07.201803.09.20181760% The CYFM Token represents regulatory compliance in digital form for artists that are currently registered with local representation. Examples include: BMI in the U.S. and SOCAN in Canada. The CYFM Token will be used at all times for payment to ALL government regulation agencies worldwide. The MFTU Token is similar to CYFM, but represents an internationally accepted, transparent, fair, legal and cryptographic Performance Rights Organization and Reward System for Independent Artists. Protecting their rights and payments around the world, online!
500K USD worth of tokens.
YouTube/Blog posts/Articles: 25%, Signature: 20%, Twitter: 15%, Facebook: 15%, Reddit: 10%, Telegram: 5%, Youtube: 5%, Linkedin: 5%.
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VertexVertex ICO ratingVertex ICO rating24.07.201824.08.2018777% Vertex is creating the first market of its kind and a unique token that combines trading, venture capital experience, and fair-value based tokenization. Vertex will create a financial ecosystem that will ensure a high-end, profitable market for investments in cryptocurrency, through its platform. Vertex offers the first aftermarket for ICO's, which will provide investors with strong opportunities to get returns and bring more fiat resources into cryptocurrency markets, by attracting capital through its ICO vetting mechanisms. is an OTC platform and will offer tokens before they are listed on exchanges, the moment an ICO is over. The Vertex ecosystem is centered around the ICO vetting process, the platform and the VTEX token. These three pillars create an economy for ICOs, in which projects that are carefully vetted get investment from Vertex, which in turn sells the tokens it acquires on its platform. Both the purchase of tokens from ICOs by Vertex and the subsequent sale of those tokens on the Vertex platform, are done using the VTEX token. Purchases from ICOs are partially funded with VTEX while user purchases of tokens on the platform must be done using the VTEX token only. These interactions create a system in which users seek to buy tokens on the Vertex platform because they are carefully vetted and sold at preferential prices. ICOs on the other hand, seek to get investment from Vertex because they get direct funding and through the Vertex platform they can automatically reach a wide range of users that have already gone through the KYC process and also get access to investors behind Vertex Capital.
2% of all VTEX tokens.
Twitter: 25%, Facebook: 20%, Reddit: 10%, Telegram: 15%, Publications: 15%, Signature: 15%.
Bounty manager: Vipganyan
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Gosama24.07.201830.09.20184435% Gosama, the foundation of Gosama Token. Built to be a complete Omnichannel sale management system that will transform the way retail businesses and enterprises operate. Brings benifit not only to businesses but also consumers with the loytalty program and much more promising blockchain applications. Intergrated with Nexty Platform , the most powerful blockchain platform in Vietnam and the only one that can satisfy the large transaction volume of a retail network.
2000000000 GSM tokens.
Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Telegam): 75%, Article/Media: 10%, Signature & Avatar: 15%.
Bounty manager: Vuvietanhdell
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OPP Open WifiOPP Open WiFi ICO rating24.07.201814.09.20182846% OPP Open WiFi is a community driven service with the sole purpose of creating a global, free to access open WiFi hotspot network and rewarding each contributor for being a part of our cause. There are close to 2.5 billion smartphone users globally, 80% of which are active on social media. Wi-Fi access has become part of our daily lives. Yet amazingly 76% of us frequently find ourselves in a position where access is not available, or where access is blocked by a demand for payment. From those 2.5 billion people we aim to recruit 25 million people like you over the next 4 years to join our community of "Hotspot Hosts". Together we can build a free to access, open and secure global decentralised WiFi hotspot which will have a positive effect on the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people. Our Hotspot Hosts are people like you who pay for mobile data, pay for WiFi access at their homes or at their place of work. Our research shows that more than 80% of us do not use all the data.
2920000 OPP - 1600 ETH.
Signature and reply: 15%, Content/Blogs/Media: 20%, Translation: 10%, Facebook: 15%, Twitter: 20%, Reddit: 10%, Discretionary: 10%.
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BionicBionic ICO ratingBionic ICO rating25.07.201830.09.20184434% Bionic is a cryptocurrency based on ethereum blockchain created to develop electronic financial transactions. Bionic is an incubator for companies using blockchain tech to provide innovative new services and applications. We are a family of companies who share workspaces, experience and advice. We are a network of professionals who specialize in connecting promising startups to a "chain" of service-providers, advisors, potential investors, legal & accounting affiliates.
3% of tokens.
Social Media, Content, Prediction, Video Recorder, Bug.
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BX.BETBX.BET ICO rating26.07.201806.09.20182052% BX has the vision to create a whole new betting experience, where any user can take over the role of the bookmaker, create their own markets, place and offer bets with self-determined odds, and even participate in the outcome determination of a market. All by using the BX Token, which is conceived to become the global standard for all betting transactions.
3600000 BX Tokens.
Translation: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Telegram: 10%, Facebook: 15%, Content: 25%, Signature: 20%, Pending: 10%.
Bounty manager: Rig4hodlers
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Utrum26.07.201804.10.20184831% Utrum is a decentralized reward platform which will provide cryptocurrency stakeholders an ecosystem where they can share information in earnest. The Utrum team understands that as new blockchain technologies are being developed, it is increasingly difficult for investors to intelligently and informatively find the best cryptocurrency investments in the industry. Utrum will provide an ecosystem that solves the problems by connecting experienced analysts and developers with investors and newcomers.
360000 OOT.
Signature, Reddit.
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Cryptov8Cryptov8 ICO rating27.07.201826.08.2018970% Cryptov8 will be a UK domiciled and authorised bank using blockchain technology to bridge the gap between cryptobanking and traditional banking products and services. Our technology platforms and digital assets will improve adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies globally. The Cryptov8 project extends far beyond any existing 'CryptoBanking' services that exist today. Not only will we have a universal account and wallet, our project aims to streamline challenges that customers often face, which will ultimately create the best possible route for adoption of cryptocurrencies. We intend to bridge these currently disparate worlds to provide our customers with the widest options and first class customer service.
10000000 SPV8 - 1.3 million USD.
Twitter: 15%, Facebook: 15%, Steemit & Media: 20%, Youtube: 25%, Signature: 25%.
Bounty manager: Mackyjohn
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SpokkzSpokkz ICO rating27.07.201801.09.20181558% Spokkz will use Blockchain Technology to disrupt the $2 Trillion USD traditional Media Industry by creating a decentralized ecosystem and marketplace where film lovers will join advertisers, stars, content creators and merchants as stakeholders. Fundamentally Spokkz will transform the media consumption business from being a purely transactional play to a community driven economy. Users will get rewarded Spokkz for reviewing, sharing or recommending content and will be able to use Spokkz to fund content projects of their choice. How's this going to work? Spokkz is being issued by Spuul, a pioneering and established OTT player with over 60million users in 180 countries generating revenues of close to USD15mm. Spuul has decided to migrate some of its solutions to the blockchain and to tokenise it's business with Spokkz. Spuul is recognised to be an innovative, full stack, pure play tech company that has built it's enterprise in collaboration with premium providers like AWS (for whom they are a case study). Because the volumes of transactions will be significant (60000 per day in its current state, going up four fold post tokenisation) it was imperative for Spuul to forge a collaboration with Zilliqa, the world's first high throughput public blockchain platform designed to process thousands of transactions per second. This partnership between Spokkz and Zilliqa, where scale meets speed, will be another transformational force in the blockchain economy. A live platform, an experienced tech and business team, deep connections into the media industry and an influential advisory board puts Spokkz way ahead of the competition. Spokkz is dedicated to Mr Spock of the Starship Enterprise and hopes to represent all that he stood for - clarity of thought, cold/hard logic and the courage to boldly go where no one has gone before.
10000000 SPKZ - 800k USD.
Social Media: 27%, Medium: 5%, Creative Blog Writers: 10%, Video: 5%, Signature: 40%, Translation: 4%.
Bounty manager: SPOKKZofficial
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CuraizonCuraizon ICO rating27.07.201808.09.20182249% CuraServe is a complete healthcare ecosystem that improves drug adherence and brings game-changing benefits to patients and healthcare providers. We use a series of outreach tools and messages, supported by predictive modeling and behavioral analytics, to increase the rate of drug adherence. As our CuraServe solution helps patients, it's also generating a vast amount of patient data. That data is then anonymized and made available through CuraData. The only way that pharmaceutical companies, academics and researchers can access this data by purchasing CuraTokens.
5000000 CTKN - 1000000 USD.
Twitter: 20%, Signature: 10%, Telegram: 10%, Facebook: 20%, Translation: 10%, Misc projects: 5%, Creative: 5%, Articles/Reviews/blogs/forums: 20%.
Bounty manager: Snaguit321
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ExtradecoinEXTRADECOIN ICO rating28.07.201831.08.20181459% Extradecoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Investors can trade crypto-crypto on the exchange. Extradecoin is established with the desire to provide quality, reliable and safety financial platform for investors. In addition, we are eager to bring the latest technology platforms with the best UI experience on the Extradecoin platform, and at the same time build ecosystems to maximize the benefits for the community.
6000000 PayB - 1 200 ETH.
Signatures: 10%, Twitter: 25%, Facebook: 23%, Articles: 16%, Youtube: 18%, Translations: 8%.
Bounty manager: SocialCloud
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ElpisELPIS ICO rating28.07.201831.08.20181459% Elpis will be the first crypto-asset investment fund totally driven by Artificial Intelligence. We have developed a system that would allow us to have the best possible performance for the lowest possible costs and risks. We work only on performance and transparently with a public auditing blockchain ledger.
1000000 ELP - 110k USD.
Translation: 5%, Twitter: 10%, Youtube: 7%, Facebook: 5%, Telegram: 5%, Article/blog: 20%, Influencers: 30%, Random distribution: 3%, Signature: 15%.
Bounty manager: Skokopoko
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BeatrixBEATRIX ICO rating29.07.201818.11.20189317% BEATRIX is a green, affordable and sustainable energy project aiming to resolve the energy and telecommunication crisis and shortage across Africa. The proposed solution is to build decentralized energy towers using buoyancy technology that efficiently produces green electricity. The Energy tower is a patented Revolutionary technology that is going to be more efficient than Wind or Solar systems. The towers are distributed all over the continent through our Decentralized Energy and Telecommunications Distribution (DETD) eco-system. Our eco-system is powered by cooperation of German and Swiss companies. The generated energy is stored in the RIX token which is a fully ERC-20 compliant Ethereum utility token. RIX will be the first and the only energy based token that is purely green and self generated, making it independent of third party providers. The RIX has an initial charge of 5kWh and will be the only form of payment or consumption method, for the generated energy by the DETDs.
2% of tokens.
Signature: 20%, Facebook: 20%, Twitter: 10%, Telegram: 10%, Video: 20%, Blog: 20%.
Bounty manager: Anegg
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SIDERASidera Blockchain Technologies ICO ratingSidera ICO rating29.07.201830.09.20184430% Sidera scalable ecosystem revolves around a new revolutionary way of storing crypto: Decentralized Wearable Devices (DWD). Your funds are secured around your wrist, fully encrypted, allowing offline wrist-to-wrist transactions and a plethora of other innovactive characteristics, such as: - Entropy seed generation with the arm movement; - NFC POS payments with on-the-fly crypto-to-FIAT conversion; - Ghost mode, and much more! The security of the device, and its integrated hardware wallet, is assured by a body sensor placed under the smartwatch. This sensor will analyze from your body a few signals (movement, perspiration, etc.) elaborating a specific ID in which will be encrypted the private seed of the hardware wallet. If somebody stoles your device he won't manage to access any funds because the sensor will reject his body. Sidera is releasing also Continuum: the first completely wearable decentralized exchange! Start trading cryptocurrencies from your wrist with the most advanced and secure device in the world.
500000 eQUOS - 1M USD.
Translation&Moderation: 15%, Twitter: 10%, Linkedin: 5%, Facebook: 10%, Telegram: 5%, Content (articles, videos, blog): 30%, Reddit: 5%, Signature: 20%.
Bounty manager: Maicol792
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NAUS30.07.201803.09.20181751% NAUS aims to provide solutions from the nature of social contact, and uses blockchain to establish a self-evolving social network featuring individualization, low involvement cost, measurable benefit, efficient match and supply-demand balance. The social network, NAUS believes, is all about matching, including matching among users, matching between users and content, and matching based on specific needs or scenarios. To be specific, the existing social network products are all centralized which means that a centralized server is required in aspects like user information, decision-making, match mechanisms, content transmission and incentives. The social network suffers from the inherent weaknesses of the centralized model, such as , inaccuracy in feature extraction, difficulty in relation match, lack of Effective communication and a Large amount of useless information. While, those issues can be perfectly solved by the blockchain concepts like token, consensus, and smart contract, so as to achieve effective matching at the lowest cost.
300000 tokens - 3k USD.
Twitter: 50%, Facebook: 50%.
Bounty manager: a16488093
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SLEECOINSleecoin ICO ratingSleecoin ICO rating30.07.201826.11.201810115% SLEECOIN is a decentralized online platform, which has been designed to connect Hosts and Guests in the shortterm rental of real estate. The objective of the development of this platform is to reduce the traditional transaction fees and remove the risks related to data management, while ensuring the flow of information is transparent and accurate. A team of real estate market experts wanted to develop this project using Blockchain technology to ensure transactions and data management safely, and offer to the user a unique experience in management and reservation of short term properties.
250000 tokens.
Facebook: 33%, Twitter: 33%, Telegram: 33%.
Bounty manager: MadridReal
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HashbonHashbon ICO rating31.07.201831.10.20187518% Hashbon framework - is a universal platform for effective building any applications or smart contracts, that work on top of live public blockchains: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Monero and others. Framework will allow to store information on several blockchains simultaneously for better reliability in automatic and intellectual way, including the choice of blockchain that currently offers better fee for storing KB of data. In addition, it will support all major APIs, like Blockcypher, Blocktrail, etc with unified interface. So you can double-check information from different sources, for better reliability. Because using only one API creates centralization, which implies high risk for business. After creating the multi-blockchain framework - we want to use it to implement business applications. We can build a lot of blockchain apps, that will be used for business. One of the important examples is the creation of digital ecosystem for relationship between shareholders and management of public companies. Developing the framework together with real business application will make the framework more demandable and useful. Framework provides an opportunity to create decentralized, secure and reliable applications on top on the most secured public blockchains, that have good network hashrate, and thus good protection from 51% attacks. The development of business applications on Hashbon Framework and into public companies will make them more attractive in the eyes of investors. Consequently it will create financial incentives for management to implement, since it will increase P/E and price of stock.
8000000 HASH tokens - 800k EUR.
Signature: 22%, Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin): 21%, Translation: 6%, Telegram: 16%, Blogs/Media/Youtube: 20%, Refferal: 5%, Reserve: 10%.
Bounty manager: Hashbon
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Instagram -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper ICO rating31.07.201824.08.2018771% Alluma envisions to be the first institutional grade cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to emerging markets in Asia. Built on top of a six-layered security architecture and to be operated within a compliance framework developed by an internationally renowned anti-money laundering team, the Alluma platform offers a secure & compliant platform designed to be easy to use for the new retail trader with personalized customer service, while offering powerful tools and deep liquidity for the advanced corporate professional. Our vision is to become a fully licensed exchange providing access and education to the next billion cryptocurrency users across the Asian emerging markets.
1670100 LUMA tokens - 83k USD.
Youtube: 24.56%, Facebook: 8.77%, Twitter: 17.54%, Medium: 10.526%, Telegram: 17.53%, Steemit: 10.526%.
Bounty manager: pask777
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Liquid8Liquid8 ICO ratingLiquid8 ICO rating31.07.201828.08.20181161% Liquid8 is a decentralized peer-to-peer multi-functional platform, which enables the global tokenization of assets for exchange and loan between community members. Liquid8 makes real-world assets accessible and affordable to all, by leveraging the unique properties of Blockchain. We're building a gateway to connect startups, consumers and financial service providers, via a decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem - and you can be part of the revolution.
420000 Liquid8 Tokens - 42k USD.
Signature: 20%, Facebook: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Reddit/Medium/Youtube/Blog/Media/Article: 50%, Telegram: 10%.
Bounty manager: Cubus
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MOBUMOBU ICO ratingMOBU ICO rating01.08.201815.09.20182936% MOBU is an ecosystem that implements a unique MOB20 standard protocol to ensure the protection of both investors and ICO issuers to create a more competitive ICO services pricing environment which complies with SEC and all regulations including KYC/AML, a unique new type of escrow, etc. A 'lockup' utility to MOBU tokens for service providers will be introduced to be a compliant provider on the platform. Each service provider will submit a certain number of MOBU tokens that can`t be accessed for as long as that company remains a service provider on MOBU.
1666000 tokens - 250K USD.
Signature: 25%, Content: 37.5%, Translations: 7.5%, Telegram: 10%, Contest&Lotteries: 12.5%, Bonus: 7.5%.
Bounty manager: momopi
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Cryzen02.08.201811.10.20185521% The Cryzen trading platform lets users develop arbitrary trading algorithms through an online bot development environment. Users can write, backtest, and deploy custom trading bots using Python, or tweak, backtest, and deploy template strategies (e.g. arbitrage, momentum, etc) through a simplified UI that requires no coding experience. Our platform will let users write algorithms that utilize: cryptocurrency price, social media, event, and blockchain level data (at up to 1 sec update frequencies).
1 million XEN Tokens - 2.5M USD.
Twitter: 25%, Medium: 30%, YouTube: 20%, Signature: 25%.
Bounty manager: cryzen
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eCoinomiceCoinomic ICO ratingeCoinomic ICO rating02.08.201831.10.20187517% We consider cryptocurrency as a new perspective type of collateral that can change the market for secured loans tremendously. An important shift in the lending practices supports the growth of the crypto world beyond the limitations, providing individuals with increased purchasing power given by crypto backed loans. Institutional investors and family offices are always interested in new low-risk instruments with high profitability. And crypto owners wish to benefit from their digital assets and preserve them for the long term hoping to gain more value. The smart contracts on the platform will solve these needs. Crypto owners will get an opportunity to obtain fiat loans using digital assets as collateral. Institutional investors and family offices will explore a new mortgage market by issuing fiat loans to crypto community. 81% of the funds gathered during the Token Sale will be used to form the Reserve.
5500000 CNC tokens.
Facebook, Twitter, Content, Linkedin, Reddit, Translation.
Bounty manager: eCoinomic
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imusifyimusify ICO rating02.08.201825.10.20186918% imusify is an award-winning music platform that is reinventing the global music industry in order to liberate music makers, music fans, and music entrepreneurs. Let imusify help you find your creative voice, build a loyal following, discover great music, and reward your contribution. IMU tokens are used as the engine to support imusify's multi-layered, decentralized music economy. This will create an immense potential value for the token's use throughout imusify's infiltration into the industry. Through our smart reward and compensation system, ? IMU is either rewarded for contribution to the platform, or used as a currency for exchanging digital assets and services. By establishing trust and transparency between artists, supporters, fans, and industry service providers; a vibrant ecosystem emerges.
10000000 IMU tokens.
Signature: 25%, Video/article: 25%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Reddit: 10%, Translation/Moderation: 5%, Steemit: 5%, LinkedIn: 5%, Telegram: 5%.
Bounty manager: imusify
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FXPAYFXPay ICO ratingFXPay ICO rating03.08.201831.10.20187516% FXPay is an exciting and highly prospective business opportunity that brings innovative technology to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. Our goal is to address the current inefficiencies within the market and to provide cost-saving solutions to brokers, traders, and liquidity providers. By utilizing blockchain technology, FXPay can intelligently reduce the risk for brokers and traders by providing more opportunities and increase the speed of transactions in the Forex market. FXPay is proud to bring our initial coin offering to the market and to allow investors to become part of our exciting new product and journey. The FXPay platform will immediately start addressing the issues within the current Forex market. Our proposed solution will demonstrate the tangible value of the FXP token.
5 million FXP tokens - 8 Million USD.
Twitter: 15%, Facebook: 15%, Telegram: 6%, Signature: 22%, Reddit: 4%, LinkedIn: 4%, Content: 18%, Translation: 16%.
Bounty manager: bob_rushford
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ALIGATOCOINAligatoCoin ICO rating03.08.201830.08.20181352% Aligato Team is working on a new-generation auction-sale platform, based on blockchain technology and AligatoCoin cryptocurrency. This will be version 2.0 of the ™ trading platform existing since 2016.
1000000 ALC - 500k USD.
Content: 20%, Twitter: 25%, Facebook: 25%, Video: 30%.
Bounty manager: btcltcdigger
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iTrueiTrue ICO rating06.08.201830.09.20184420% The iTrue token ecosystem rewards users for sharing their data, and businesses for participating in the data and app marketplaces. Our innovative stone storage solution ensures high speed and capacity without sacrificing security and privacy.
Twitter: 15%, Facebook: 15%, Youtube: 20%, Blog/Article: 18%, Moderation: 7%, LinkedIn: 10%, Newsletter: 2%, Reddit: 2%, Medium: 2%, Listing sites upvote: 4%, Bonus: 5%.
Bounty manager:
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BlockbidBlockbid ICO ratingBlockbid ICO rating06.08.201824.11.20189910% Blockbid is an ultra-secure exchange with the goal of facilitating the highest volume of trades for the most cryptocurrencies with a single login. Trade all of the top coins on one exchange. Ease of access - catering to new and experienced traders. Security from the ground up. Operating in accordance with AML/CTF Act. Lowest transaction fees to reduce the cost of trading.
8000 BID tokens - 54 ETH.
Facebook: 25%, Twitter: 25%, Reddit: 25%, Article: 25%.
Bounty manager: crypto|george
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TombolaTombola ICO rating08.08.201831.08.20181439% The first Cryptocurrency Lottery and Gambling platform based on EOS. Fair and fun, but no gas spending. Tombola will be the standard of the world Game and Lottery platform. It is a completely fair system that uses a blockchain hash as a seed to extract random numbers according to the state of the user in real time and derive the result of the game through it. In addition, the company plans to install OTC trading services for individuals, and in the long term, it will develop a dedicated ATM and create an environment that can be practically used through agreements with Macau Casino., Tombola OTC to be serviced later, and Tombola lotto, which can be used on its own platform. Token holders are entitled to a dividend of 50 % on the platform.
5000000 TBL - 200k USD.
Media: 30%, Moderation: 20%, Facebook&Twitter: 20%, 15%, Telegram Airdrop: 10%, Future Contests (LinkedIn, Youtube, Reddit and other): 5%.
Bounty manager: SANDRA EVANS
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RateoniumRateonium ICO ratingRateonium ICO rating08.08.201826.09.20184018% A blockchain-based, anonymised customer-company review system operated via the Rateonium platform. Rateonium is using blockchain technology to create new horizons for the management of customer-company relationships. The platform connects products and services purchased with a subsequent customer review process. Customer reviews of products and services are responsible for the long-term success of a company. New leads rely on customer opinions, not on corporate communication. Too few customers write qualitative reviews, which means that there is no suitable data on which new leads may base their decision. In addition, there is no globally active verification system to prove the authenticity of customer ratings. Rateonium collects qualitative and individual consumer data for companies, while the respective consumer is rewarded at the same time with the Rateonium currency by means of an automated algorithm. Rateonium offers its users a modern purchase experience with an app powered by metadata - free from manipulation and data misuse. We support our Rateonium business clients by implementing modern, long-term quality and customer relationship management processes in the platform.
2500000 RTC - 455 ETH.
Signature: 10%, Translation: 10%, Twitter: 20%, Reddit: 10%, Article/blog: 25%, Youtube: 25%.
Bounty manager: btcltcdigger
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CitowiseCitowise ICO rating08.08.201813.01.20191496% Citowise already provides cryptocommunity with reliable and professional cryptocurrency wallet, fighting back scammers and hackers, adopting cryptocurrencies for mass use and assuring a high quality of ICO projects. Citowise is now launching an initiative for business globalization. Buying a company in a remote jurisdiction and finding a professional assistance to run it remotely will be available at the tip of a finger. This will reside costs of maintaining business overseas and will save time for globalization oriented entrepreneurs.
24875000 tokens.
Facebook: 3.5%, Twitter: 3.5%, Texts: 10%, Translations: 1%, Executives: 5%, Video: 10%, Refferal: 43%, Giveaway: 1%, Airdrop: 10%, Signature: 10%, Linkedin: 2.5%.
Bounty manager: citowise
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WebercoinWeberCoin ICO ratingWebercoin ICO rating11.08.201808.09.20182221% Webercoin is the fuel for the Web Ad ecosystem. It is a form of payment made to users of the platform who contribute positively and by users who want to effectively use the platform and help businesses grow.
750000 wbc.
Signature: 15%, Content: 30%, Translations: 20%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Reddit: 5%, Instagram: 5%, Telegram: 5%.
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ArtProArtPro ICO rating12.08.201830.11.20181055% ArtPro makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell art over the web. A user-friendly platform harnesses the many benefits of blockchain technology, enabling ArtPro to restore the trust that has long been missing from the art industry. Instead of relying on third party authenticators, ArtPro favours a consensus mechanism that delivers a secure, decentralized system. ArtPro is creating the go-to marketplace for private dealers and contemporary artists, with a strong focus on emerging talent. The ArtPro platform will open the art world to the masses, making it possible for anyone to discover and purchase fine art online without the excessive fees, intermediaries, and steep learning curve that have traditionally made art available to only to the privileged and the well-connected. Certificates of provenance, stored on the blockchain, attest to the authenticity of each artwork on the ArtPro platform, but that is only the beginning.
3% of sold tokens.
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PapushaPapusha | Rocket Technology ICO ratingPapusha ICO rating12.08.201822.10.2018667% PRT ICO produces small-capacity oil refining units to process black oil fuel and produce liquid fuel by using the transonic combustion technology. Every day refineries worldwide generate 1.35 million tons of residues. Depending on its capacity, one PRT-2 unit processes 30-90 tons of wastes per day. The market requires dozens of thousands of PRT-2 units.
2000000 PRT - 570 ETH.
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ASOBIASOBI ICO rating13.08.201830.09.2018448% The concept of ASOBI COIN is digital content trade on distributed secondary market. A new blockchain economic era for the publishers creators and users. Asobimo DApps platform will make digital content on the secondary markets a valuable asset for all parties, and provide a secured trading experience at a minimal cost and frictionless. Asobimo DApps will provide a distributed secondary content platform with “Decentralized Security System” (DSS), the blockchain will provide irrefutable proof of content ownership.
50000000 ABX.
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ORBISOrbis Money Transfer & Investment ICO ratingOrbis ICO rating12.08.201829.10.2018736% Our team’s vision is creating a new worldwide financial branches, based on block-chain decentralized technology. Orbis Company will provide innovative transfer, payment and investment services using cryptocurrency tokens and block chain technology .This technology combined with mobile and computer software, will give mankind the opportunity to make money transfers, investments and payments using our self-service machines, as well as personal smartphones and computers with internet access.
500000 ORBS - 250k EUR.
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433token14.08.201814.10.2018585% 433 Token project mission is to shatter the barrier between football superstars, young talents and their fans. The blockchain technology used by our project provides the transparency, efficiency, democracy to the most popular sport on earth.
1000000 tokens - 90k USD.
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PhenomenalPhenomenal Network ICO rating14.08.201812.10.2018565% The first blockchain-powered affiliate revolution by rewarding qualified affiliates and benefiting both ad networks and advertisers.
9 Billion PN tokens.
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TwoGap14.08.201830.10.2018744% TwoGap platform was formed to bring Crypto Investors the opportunity to acquire powerful and biggest-scale stop-loss product - CryptoBond.
1000000000 TwoGap Token - 1M USD.
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SilentSilent ICO rating15.08.201821.09.2018355% Silent-Power (Projects) Ltd. seeks to create an environmentally friendly ecosystem to produce, store and use energy. Our token Silent is focusing on the production of methanol synthesis plants which are based on a technology introduced in 2017. They will allow green energy producers to turn power into methanol efficiently and on-site. Silent is also actively supporting the production of Econimo mini power plants which are crucial for mass adoption of methanol usage. Together we're heading in a future where producing, storing and using energy will become easy, flexible, efficient and completely CO2-neutral and therefore can prove itself as a reliable alternative on a global scope.
666667 SLNT - 100k CHF.
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DNAtixDNAtix ICO rating15.08.201815.09.2018296% DNAtix is an innovative company in the genetic testing space, integrating two cutting edge technologies – Digitized genetics and Blockchain. DNAtix has developed a direct-to-consumer genetic platform for the era of whole genome sequencing. DNAtix provides web-based anonymous and secured genetic services including digitized DNA storage, transfer and testing.
1500000 DNATIX - 1.2M USD.
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INFLRInflr ICO rating16.08.201830.11.20181051% INFLR is an ERC20 standard token utility that will give token owners the ability to access the Inflr platform with its many features and unique data on influencers and brands. Inflr Coin plays a key role within the Inflr ecosystem and is designed to balance the interests of all token owners, creating incentives for everyone to actively participate in the token economy. With Inflr Coin, you will be able to access various services and perks within the Inflr Platform and on various third-party applications that will be developed using the Inflr API.
8000000 INFLR - 2k ETH.
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X-BlockX-Block ICO rating16.08.201812.10.2018562% As an outstanding representative of public chains in the era of Blockchain 4.0, X-Block is the first global public chain built on the Fog computing framework, which aims at creating a user-friendly, convenient and open light eco-blockchain. Relying on the Fog computing framework, X-Block can, utilize various heterogeneous devices (including personal computers, smartphones, routers, etc.) to form a decentralized computing engine. By creatively designing the 'Galaxy Super-Contract', it enables the smart contract to maximally invoke the powerful Fog computing proprietary technology. Meanwhile, computing resources of the surrounding idle equipment can be integrated via X-Block. This will further empower the blockchain to be integrated into everyday technological processes. Such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things. Thus, a disrupting smart blockchain era can be ushered in to deeply promote applications of blockchain technology in day-to-day life. X-Block is committed to the construction of a complete blockchain ecosystem and X-Block has built X-Change along with X-Block's fog computing and blockchain tools to accomplish the token ecosystem. X-Change is a community-autonomous exchange that incorporates X-Block tokens with trading and mining.
250000000 tokens.
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ClearCostClearCost ICO rating01.07.201831.10.20187539% Clearcost is a global project with its mission reflected in the name ClearCost: to allow consumers to receive goods and services without advertising costs and sellers' super-profits. MVP is already working: allows consumers to book accommodations in hotels from all over the world cheaper than the lowest market price by 5% to 15%; in some cases, up to 25%. Our business model is reflected in the formula ClearCost = Cost price + membership fee. Customers can become a member of the club for money, paying an annual fee on the site. However, getting it with CCWT tokens is about four times more profitable, and this ratio will grow.
51775 CCWT tokens.
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