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Name Ratings Start date Finish date Days to end Percent of complete Description
Name Ratings Start date Finish date Days to end Percent of complete Description
Freetrade01.11.201801.09.2019 7476% You are an early investor or a bounty hunter and you have accumulated a large amount of coins without value? We have a solution! is the first exchange platform that is designed for free listing of any token of Ethereum, EOS and Ubiq networks, that haven't been traded anywhere else. Exchange, sell or buy promising tokens. If you are the owner or creator of the ICO project - get an opportunity for a quick start and high quality measured advertising. At your service: the most easy-to-use trading platform; the possibility of a free listing of absolutely any coin and token; no commissions at all. Go to the website and get a well-deserved profit right now!
Signature: 25%, Medium: 5%, YouTube: 5%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Telegram: 45%.
Bounty manager: Lumen111
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zeosXzeosX ICO Rating17.12.201831.07.20194281% zeosX is the World First Cryptocurrency Bank. We aim to redefine the future of finance for a world-class banking experience. Built based on a finance ecosystem, zeosX consists of the futuristic banking components.
30M ZEOS - 9900 ETH.
Signature: 30%, Twitter: 15%, Translation: 15%, Facebook: 10%, Blog/Video: 10%, LinkedIN: 10%, Reddit: 10%.
Bounty manager: zeosX
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BITWINBitwin 2.0 ICO Rating28.12.201831.12.201919547% From sports betting to live casino gaming, blockchain will undeniably have a huge impact on online gambling business. Cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook soon expands its range of products to decentralized versions, contributing to the next-level entertainment and previously uncharted functionalities. The blockchain update of the platform is called Bitwin 2.0 and will be used with Bitwin Token (BWT).
9M BWT - 882k USD.
Signature: 20%, Whitelist: 10%, Youtube: 8%, Steemit: 5%, Medium: 5%, Twitter: 7%, LinkedIn: 8%, Telegram: 9%, Translation: 7%, Facebook: 6%, Bitwin 1.0 Bounty: 15%.
Bounty manager: bartosz_bilinski
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FABAFaba Invest ICO Rating11.01.201930.06.20191194% FABA is a magic bean token that bridges startup community with the traditional venture capital market. Faba (FABA) financially supports companies with positive impact on our environment, ecology, medicine, education... Thanks to this support and cooperation of Faba mentor team the companies' value grow. When the time comes, these companies are exited at multiples of its initial investment. FABA token holders will be rewarded in the moment when portfolio of Faba companies will be sold. Rewards will be distributed in ETH. We connected venture capital with the crypto community in order to receive valuable feedbacks on the projects we aim to invest in and on the other side to get new project ideas from the community in order to be supported. There will be an application available for Faba token holders, which will enable to monitor our investments.
Content: 31%, Signature: 30%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Telegram: 1%, Steemit: 5%, Reddit: 2.5%, Translation: 2.5%, Youtube: 5%, Gifts/Stickers: 1%, Marketing: 2%.
Bounty manager: Emilyearl
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AIS12.01.201930.06.20191193% AIS Project will establish a cryptocurrency exchange in Mongolia. We will also provide an exchange platform coin with many features. We have established business affiliation with one of the major banks in Mongolia to operate a cryptocurrency exchange under the existing laws of Mongolia. We will be investing in Double Mining-cryptocurrency mining business and resource mining of gold, bronze, coal, and rare metals. AIS coin holders will receive division of profits from three sources-exchange platform profits, cryptocurrency mining profits, and resource mining profits. An AI Concierge that understands the behavioral characteristic of the user will act as a personal dealer to help the user with cryptocurrency transactions.
4.025M AIS - 1.2M USD.
Telegram: 25%, Facebook: 25%, Twitter: 25%, YouTube: 6%, Translations: 3%, Reddit: 5%, LinkdeIn: 5%, Blogs: 6%.
Bounty manager: AIS.BOUNTY
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Whitepaper
Notm21.01.201927.12.201919144% Notm Exchange is a service for exchanging the Notm token for fiat money and vice versa. The service will have low trading fees, a convenient mobile application, synchronization with a bank account, Triple account protection, No commissions for entering and withdrawing tokens, and Margin trading. Thanks to the synchronization of a bank account and an account for a Notm exchange, users will be able to instantly convert tokens into fiat money and pay for goods or services with a credit card.
900m NOTM - 9M USD.
Twitter, Translation/Moderation, Instagram, Content, Facebook, Special.
Bounty manager: Alex Notm
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Whitepaper
Yammy Network16.01.201930.06.20191193% Yammy Network - the smart solution. Our goal is to create the new reality equivalent to LEGO of blockchain. Yammy Network is about to introduce the elements of Blockchain 3.0 features for the first time ever. Imagine portions of code which is compact, easy to read and understand combined with applicability and scalability for the average user who will be able to build a smart contract or a Decentralized Application (dApp) of his choice. Same way small LEGO bricks create buildings or even machines with sensors without engineering Yammy gives users the opportunity to everyone to make their own blockchain applications and contracts even without knowledge of programming. Moreover, Yammy Network is going to create the whole ecosystem of web services and apps based on this principe.
10M YMM.
Video: 40%, Twitter: 10%, Content: 30%, Translation: 15%, Telegram: 15%.
Bounty manager: kamvreto
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
WISEWise ICO Rating01.02.201931.07.20194277% Wise is an innovative developer of analog-mixed-signal, system-on-a-chip who created an eco-system that enables a universe of applications on IoT and mobile devices using distributed ledger technology while backed by integrated-circuit-product-development. Tap into this ecosystem by acquiring our ERC20 token.
2.5M WISE - 25M USD.
Multimedia: 20%, Translations: 20%, Twitter: 15%, Facebook: 15%, LinkedIn: 5%, Telegram: 10%, Signature: 15%.
Bounty manager: papabiz
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DAGO MINING01.02.201930.06.20191193% To date, 80% of the energy used for extraction is produced by coal-fired power plants (China, Russia), also the Blockchain works with that energy, pollution deriving from miming is disastrous for the environment and the climate. Mining is very profitable, if done in the right way, using new technologies. Dago Mining can install its highly scalable and low-cost PV power plants worldwide. There are renewable energy resources in every nation, they can be used to reduce harmful emissions of greenhouse gases. Hydroelectric, geothermal and solar plants are possible and at affordable costs.
Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Translation, Videos, Blog.
Bounty manager: DAGO Mining
Source: Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Whitepaper
NeuralTrade Network18.02.201923.06.2019497% NeuralTrade is a decentralized blockchain-based neural network, which predicts crypto exchanges signals and combines neural network technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning with a view to build a perfect easily accessible extremely simple and understandable cryptotrading tool. NeuralTrade Platform is a new economic ecosystem, it's a blessing for everyone, no matter you are the experienced cryptotrader or just the beginner, it helps everyone to earn great profits easily.
900k NET - 9k ETH.
Join/Follow: 11%, Content: 29%, Facebook: 10%, Telegram: 5%, Twitter: 10%, Medium: 5%, Youtube: 10%, Reddit: 5%, Translation: 3%, Network Upload: 12%.
Bounty manager: neuraltrade
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Bitagro06.03.201930.06.20191191% Agro Exchange is a global, Decentralized B2B platform for trade in agricultural products and food products, as well as attracting investments without restrictions on production geolocation. Registered suppliers and customers will be able to enter into smart contracts, create exchange transactions, share related information and track the history of food prices in different parts of the world. Each product will be classified in the registry and valued at Agrocoin.
550k AGRO.
Signature: 40%, Linkedin: 10%, Reddit: 5%, Blog/Article: 10%, Youtube: 5%, Medium: 5%, Twitter: 15%, Telegram: 10%.
Bounty manager: MKH
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STACKCITY25.03.201925.06.2019693% StacksCity is building a decentralized Smart WiFi Advertising Ecosystem which would address the need of internet users in the public area; create a new stream of income for router owners; and most importantly provide an efficient, accurate and transparent solution for advertisers. This is achieved by maximizing the combined advantages of location-based advertising; sharing economy; and blockchain technology.
250k USD worth of SCT.
Social Media: 10%, Twitter: 15%, Content Creation: 20%, Translation: 15%, Bug Bounty: 15%, Referral:: 25%.
Bounty manager: StacksNetwork
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Medium -  Whitepaper
DevolveDevolve Developer ICO Rating20.03.201930.06.20191189% This space was inaccessible to common individuals because it is dominated by large investment firms and investors with significant capital. But now, through blockchain technology, Devolve Developer provides an opportunity to anyone from anywhere in the world with any amount of capital to participate in one of the most lucrative real estate investment vehicles.
4.6M DVX - 3.45M USD.
Bounty manager: Shishir99
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
CRYPTOXYGENCryptoxygen ICO Rating11.04.201930.06.20191186% This is a first in the history of the crypto world industry, that a crypto exchange platform seals a partnership with a hardware manufacturer-Thomson Computing-(French historical electronics brand since 1893). Cryptoxygen platform will be integrated directly in more than one million laptops and tablets sold on a yearly basis all over the world. As result, it will generate a considerable number of users and gain rapid market share by increasing appreciation of our token value. Cryptoxygen is a blockchain-based ecosystem that comprises of exchange and a multi-blockchain mobile wallet for iOS and Android platforms, to provide secure, fast and advanced crypto trading solutions at lowest rates. The Cryptoxygen exchange platform allows fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto trading. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, data charts and real-time price tracking, making it easier for users to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio. The wallet, on the other hand, allows users to store, buy and sell cryptocurrencies while ensuring the highest security. In addition, Cryptoxygen offers online news and social trading, where crypto beginners can follow successful traders on the platform and copy their trading patterns. Detailed online courses will also be provided to those who need extensive knowledge of crypto trading platform principles, strategies and lot more. Cryptoxygen envisions to come up with a lab to support startups with innovative solutions to mitigate all types of pollution and development of artificial intelligence projects.
1.5M OXY2 - 270k USD.
Twitter: 20%, Signature: 10%, Facebook: 20%, Article/Blog: 15%, Youtube: 15%, Reddit: 10%, Telegram: 5%, Translation: 5%.
Bounty manager: MIHIR
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PimonCoinPIMONCOIN ICO Rating13.04.201931.07.20194261% PIMONCOIN is a token, based on the Ethereum Blockchain for Payments and Investments. It also allows its owners to invest their funds by lending, in the foreign exchange market, transport sector, mineral resources, food products, real estates , to buy and sell at lightening speed. What makes PIMONCOIN different is that it has value tie to real life assets, Users would be also able to get funds as dividend from these investments.
Media Airdrop: 5%, Telegram: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Blog/Article: 15%, Youtube: 15%, Translation: 15%, Signature: 20%.
Bounty manager: Pimoncoin
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MOCO16.04.201931.10.201913432% Sculpturing the future of Communication. MoCo's disruptive key technologies will open up a world of new communication possibilites. With our revolutionary technology, we will bring people around the world closer to each other by allowing them to communicate naturally and seamlessly - and anonymously, if they choose- online via their original Avatars, and within the VR space as 4K scanned versions of themselves, just like there are really 'there'. In this platform of the future, users will even be able to use all of MoCo's amazing A.I.-based technological tools to create their own customized social or private virtual universes, and monetize them, too!
8.3M MoCo - 150k USD.
Media Airdrop: 5%, Telegram: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Blog/Article: 15%, Youtube: 15%, Translation: 15%, Signature: 20%.
Bounty manager: Wehrlein
Source: Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Whitepaper
SmathiumSmathium ICO Rating15.04.201929.07.20194062% SMATHIUM is a blockchain-based loyalty platform aiming to solve the key challenges facing traditional loyalty programs. A decentralized Application (dApp) where all businesses can create their own loyalty reward programs powered by a single token. A single united loyalty point system in small on/off-line retails around the globe involving everyday life. Cafe, restaurants, grocery store, and even shopping mall. A survey by CodeBroker shows that at least 54% of consumers are frustrated with their loyalty reward programs. The reasons for the frustrations include lack of differentiation and the fact that the majority only provide limited benefits. Also, implementing a robust loyalty reward program tends to be ridiculously expensive locking out the majority of businesses. While incumbents such as departmental stores and airlines can afford to provide high value membership programs to their customers, small and medium enterprises cannot. Smathium aims to bridge this gap by building a multi-business loyalty reward platform that is open to all types of businesses. At the heart of this platform is the goal of creating long term value for customers rather than serving as a short-term promotion. As a unified medium of exchange between users and brands, Smathium token can be used for transactions across all businesses registered on our platform and can be traded in exchanges. Moreover, Smathium is creating an additional feature where brands can connect their existing loyalty programs to a blockchain network.
2.5M SMT - 15k USD.
Facebook: 25%, Twitter: 25%, Content: 25%, Telegram: 15%, Translation: 10%.
Bounty manager: Decoded
Source: Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
WINBIX18.04.201921.06.2019297% The WINBIX marketplace aims to create a new channel for sales, allowing participants to sell goods at demand prices at any moment. The system uses the reversed auction model. The price of the goods decreases until one of the participants stops the auction. The first buyer who stops the auction wins. The specifics of the auctioning process are the intellectual property of the project: an application has been submitted to USPTO. The team started developing the MVP in July 2018 at its own expense. Currently, the MVP is ready
850k WBX.
ASIA: 20%, Video/text: 25%, Facebook: 5%, Twitter: 5%, Instagram: 3%, Linkedin: 3%, Reddit: 3%, Telegram: 3%, Signature: 15%, Smart contracts review: 15%, Creative: 3%.
Bounty manager: Winbix
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Instagram -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
TecraCoinTecraCoin ICO Rating22.04.201914.07.20192570% The mission of Tecra project is to compose a research and investment holding, which will create conditions for the research and commercialization of future technologies. Currently, we are at an advanced stage of research on patented graphene technologies that radically change the desired properties of many technologies commonly used today, such as hydrophobicity, barrier properties, biocidal properties, thermal and electrical conductivity, and increase in sliding properties. We use our cryptocurrency TCR to make it happen, and distributed ledger to make investment more transparent and secure.
100k TCR - 125k USD.
Twitter: 11%, Translation: 15%, Reddit: 11%, Telegram: 11%, Signature: 25%, Content: 25%.
Bounty manager: Parodium
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Whitepaper
Bow Coin07.05.201907.11.201914123% The luxury market now has its own cryptocurrency! The Bow Token is a unique token that ensures the transparency and traceability of high value products through a secured blockchain. Project supported by Swarovski.
2% Bow tokens.
Signature: 15%, Twitter: 20%, Facebook: 20%, Translation/Moderation: 8%, Blog/Article/Youtube/Video: 30%, Telegram: 5%, Other: 2%.
Bounty manager: Wapinter
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BitbondBitbond ICO Rating08.05.201908.07.20191969% The Bitbond Token (BB1) is Germany's first security token and aims to make business lending globally accessible. Bitbond is the first crypto-currency based lending platform for business loans that operates globally. Founded in 2013, Bitbond now facilitates more than $1 million in business loans every month. The issuer of the token is Bitbond Finance GmbH, a company fully owned by Bitbond GmbH. Token holders will receive 1% interest on their invested amount every quarter (4% per year). Additionally, token holders receive a variable coupon paid out once per year. Both the quarterly and the annual coupons continue for 10 years, at which point the token reaches its maturity and is bought back at its face value of 1 per token. If you want to take advantage of the discounts, we encourage you to invest on March 11th, 2019 as discounts will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
2% of the total BB1 - 2M EUR.
Hunter: 15%, Signature: 25%, Creativity: 5%, Linkedin: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 5%, Telegram: 5%, Content: 25%.
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
ZeuxZeux ICO Rating16.05.201917.07.20192855% Zeux is a blockchain based financial ecosystem company, building the world's first crypto mobile payment app that uses the world's first integrated crypto & fiat investment platform. By partnering with a long list of financial institutions in both the fiat and crypto worlds, we are merging these different financial services combining mobile payment, banking, and investment services into one application.
500k ZUC - 100ETH.
Telegram: 10%, Twitter: 35%, Youtube: 25%, Facebook: 20%, Blog Articles: 5%, Signature: 5%.
Bounty manager: ZeuxBounty
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
Listereum20.05.201928.07.20193943% Listereum is a service for newlyweds in which they can find everything that they need for their celebration. Everything from a personal site and a guest list to a honeymoon booking.
200k List - 1k ETH.
Signature: 25%, Facebook: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Reddit: 10%, Telegram: 5%, YouTube: 10%, Blog/Article: 15%, Translation: 10%.
Bounty manager: MKH
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Telegram -  Whitepaper
CryptoMarketAdsCrypto Market Ads ICO Rating24.05.201928.06.2019974% CMA Company is building an Ecosystem for Decentralized Marketplaces. is the first fundamental product. It is a new marketplace which solves all crypto advertising and marketing problems by connecting crypto market publishers and advertisers in one place (marketplace is working already and got over 400+ offers for sale just in 6 weeks). CMA Company will develop additional new products to create a decentralized ecosystem for new kind of marketplaces: new blockchain for marketplaces (internet of goods and services), ICO platform for marketplaces (to let new/old marketplaces get funding), the visual drag & drop marketplace builder (to let anyone build their own decentralized marketplace). Marketplace publishers will lock-up up to 5 million tokens to get 50% discount on Fees. (1000 Publishers = 5 Billion tokens locked, huge scarcity). CMA token will be swapped to their new blockchain main coin, called CMA coin. CMA coin will give access and will be used on their new products: CMA blockchain for marketplaces - specialized blockchain only for marketplaces, any marketplace starting with small local marketplace till big one such as will put their business on CMA blockchain. Visual decentralized marketplace builder - anyone and anywhere in the world will build their own marketplaces using this easy visual tool. Starting from work at home moms till big companies. ICO platform for marketplaces - after building their own marketplace, people will fundraise money using CMA coin for the new marketplace marketing and operations. This ecosystem will make CMA coin one of the rarest ones with highly specialized utility. It will attract a lot of traders, contributors, and holders.
90M CMA - 900K USD.
Telegram: 10%, Twitter: 20%, Linkedin: 10%, Facebook: 20%, Articles: 15%, Signature: 20%, Others: 5%.
Bounty manager: NashAmajh
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Instagram -  Medium -  Reddit -  Whitepaper
AUDITCHAINAuditchain ICO Rating06.06.201905.08.20194722% The decentralized continuous audit and reporting protocol ecosystem "DCARPE" uses a GAAP and IFRS compliant smart contract platform to AuditChain provides the presentation of balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and statement of changes in stockholders "equity reports in real time, or "every block".
2.5M AUDIT - 500K USD.
Telegram: 5%, Twitter: 20%, Linkedin: 10%, Facebook: 15%, Articles: 10%, Signature: 15%, Youtube: 12.5%, Reddit: 15%, Translation: 5%.
Bounty manager: AdsistMediaBM
Source: ANN thread -  Website -  Facebook -  Twitter -  Linkedin -  Telegram -  Youtube -  Instagram -  Reddit -  Whitepaper