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Name Ratings Start date Finish date Days to end Percent of complete Description
Name Ratings Start date Finish date Days to end Percent of complete Description
BITWINBitwin 2.0 ICO Rating28.12.201831.12.20197081% From sports betting to live casino gaming, blockchain will undeniably have a huge impact on online gambling business. Cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook soon expands its range of products to decentralized versions, contributing to the next-level entertainment and previously uncharted functionalities. The blockchain update of the platform is called Bitwin 2.0 and will be used with Bitwin Token (BWT).
9M BWT - 882k USD.
Signature: 20%, Whitelist: 10%, Youtube: 8%, Steemit: 5%, Medium: 5%, Twitter: 7%, LinkedIn: 8%, Telegram: 9%, Translation: 7%, Facebook: 6%, Bitwin 1.0 Bounty: 15%.
Bounty manager: bartosz_bilinski
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Notm21.01.201927.12.20196681% Notm Exchange is a service for exchanging the Notm token for fiat money and vice versa. The service will have low trading fees, a convenient mobile application, synchronization with a bank account, Triple account protection, No commissions for entering and withdrawing tokens, and Margin trading. Thanks to the synchronization of a bank account and an account for a Notm exchange, users will be able to instantly convert tokens into fiat money and pay for goods or services with a credit card.
900m NOTM - 9M USD.
Twitter, Translation/Moderation, Instagram, Content, Facebook, Special.
Bounty manager: Alex Notm
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MOCO16.04.201931.10.2019995% Sculpturing the future of Communication. MoCo's disruptive key technologies will open up a world of new communication possibilites. With our revolutionary technology, we will bring people around the world closer to each other by allowing them to communicate naturally and seamlessly - and anonymously, if they choose- online via their original Avatars, and within the VR space as 4K scanned versions of themselves, just like there are really 'there'. In this platform of the future, users will even be able to use all of MoCo's amazing A.I.-based technological tools to create their own customized social or private virtual universes, and monetize them, too!
8.3M MoCo - 150k USD.
Media Airdrop: 5%, Telegram: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Twitter: 10%, Blog/Article: 15%, Youtube: 15%, Translation: 15%, Signature: 20%.
Bounty manager: Wehrlein
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Bow Coin07.05.201907.11.20191691% The luxury market now has its own cryptocurrency! The Bow Token is a unique token that ensures the transparency and traceability of high value products through a secured blockchain. Project supported by Swarovski.
2% Bow tokens.
Signature: 15%, Twitter: 20%, Facebook: 20%, Translation/Moderation: 8%, Blog/Article/Youtube/Video: 30%, Telegram: 5%, Other: 2%.
Bounty manager: Wapinter
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SynchroBit05.08.201905.12.20194464% The first hybrid multipurpose digital assets trading platform for trading all kinds of cryptocurrencies, energy, precious metals, commodities, etc., with both fiat and major cryptocurrencies with innovative solutions for both newcomers and professional traders, including binary trading, options, margin trading, futures, and many more!
10M SNB - 3.5M USD.
Signature: 20%, Content: 22%, Translation/Moderation: 7%, Twitter: 5%, Facebook: 5%, Linkedin: 5%, Medium: 10%, Reddit: 5%, Telegram: 10%, Presentation/events: 11%.
Bounty manager: arunchain
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CitiOS12.09.201907.11.20191671% CitiOS is multidimensional. Our global presence is expected to significantly rise to a completely different level through the integration of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) with blockchain technology. CitiOS aligns with the next paradigm transformation of the traditional cities into smart cities where the Internet of Things (IoT) devices are autonomous and able to best respond to scenarios in real time with little or no human input. Imagine cities where everything runs smoothly without depending on the unreliable human effort.
2M CitiOS.
Content: 20%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Signature: 10%, Reddit: 10%, Telegram: 10%, Linkedin: 10%, Translations: 10%, Medium: 10%.
Bounty manager: Arteezy.rtx
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Bank of Hodlers18.07.201931.10.2019991% Bank of Hodlers aims to provide its users with a customer-centric banking solution leveraging blockchain. We intend to treat your cryptocurrencies as a separate asset class and offer services that ensure technologies based on the blockchain are usable as of today.
30M BOH - 600k USD.
Signature, Content, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Medium, Reddit, Telegram, Youtube.
Bounty manager: AfraidDingo
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Asure NetworkAsure Network ICO Rating15.08.201931.12.20197049% First scalable decentralized social security network Project Introduction Asure Network is a layer 2 scaling network that enables fast, easy and secure transactions for not only payment transactions, but also generalized smart contract. Founded by German insurance and technology experts, the network enables everyone to quickly build, operate, and use highly scalable business applications through innovations in multi-chain scaling techniques and incentive-aligned crypto economics mechanism designs. What Problems Does Asure Network Solve? We are developing Asure Network as an infrastructure for social security systems of the future. Our goal is to provide access to 4.1 billion people worldwide who have no access to social security systems today. The existing social security systems are based on centralized databases, intransparent processes, fraud, corruption, labor-intensive processes and lack of trust in systems are the challenges we solve with the help of blockchain and thus we create a global inclusion in the social security market, just as Bitcoin allows for inclusion in the financial market. Asure Network is a public blockchain that enables you to run complex business applications such as social insurance systems. By using a multi-chain architecture, individual applications are distributed and scaled using sub-chains, resulting in high transaction throughput. The integrity, traceability, and transparency of the blockchain technology can create a high level of confidence in the accuracy and fairness of the implemented business processes. This is in direct conflict with the protection of user-related data and privacy standards such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Integrating zero-knowledge-proofs and decentralized identities give Asure Network the ability to resolve this conflict. In the future, there will be many specialized blockchains for various applications. Asure Network uses bridging technologies to connect to other blockchains and allows the use of business processes across block boundaries. Ethereum is the first blockchain to be connected to the Asure Network.
2M ASR - 2M USD.
Content, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn, Signature, Reddit.
Bounty manager: asure
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TEE-coin02.09.201931.10.2019985% TEE-coin is a reward token based on cryptocurrency technology and as an exchangeable currency to many cryptocurrencies, solves the problem of the inability to use cryptocurrencies at merchants. Faster than anything else, with low service fees, in the amount you need when you need it, we provide you with the ability to top-up TEE-coin with other cryptocurrencies and to make payments speedily.
500M TEC - 10M USD.
Content, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram.
Bounty manager: TEE coin
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QUUBEQuube ICO Rating03.09.201931.12.20197041% QUUBE Exchange - First Quantum Resistant Exchange and Blockchain. The ecosystem has a strategic focus on initial token offerings in security and utility formats - STO Launchpad with the secondary exchange market with a pro level trading platform. A powerful venture investment model brings a new level of safety, transparency and velocity to the VC Funds and Family offices, unprecedented investment exposure given to the startups. Along with security, venture market becomes much more liquid for the LBO model of investments due to the secondary STO marketplace.
800k QRP - 400k USD.
Signature: 15%, Content: 14%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 5%, Instagram: 1.5%, Telegram: 2.5%, Medium: 1.5%, Reddit: 2.5%, Bug: 10%, Translation: 15%, Creative: 5%, Youtube: 3%, Reserve: 15%.
Bounty manager: QUUBE.EXCHANGE
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BYZBIT05.09.201931.10.2019984% BYZBIT is a tokenized Paper Mill Factory exploiting agriculatural waste and other materials in producing paper and blockchain technology in creating a valued added business economy thereby increasing production capacity, efficiency and reducing wastage and environmental pollution. It utilized the Ethereum ERC-20 standard in its design enabling the economic exchange of value amongst the participant of the BYZBIT economy thereby bridging the economic communication flow between physical and digital environments thus ensuring easier and faster transfer of value.
1.25M BYT - 625K USD.
Content: 15%, Twitter: 20%, Facebook: 20%, Translation: 10%, LinkedIn: 10%, Signature: 15%, Reddit: 10%.
Bounty manager: byzbit
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MitoshiMitoshi ICO Rating09.09.201909.11.20191870% Mitoshi is the next generation of online gaming and crypto lotteries powered by the blockchain. Our vision is to bring forth a completely fair, secure and transparent crypto lottery experience that is readily accessible to the global market. Envisioned as a truly international crypto lottery play – it will offer draws that cover the geographies of Asia, North America, and Europe. Mitoshi Crypto Lotto tokens can be purchased using fiat and cryptocurrencies.A lottery built on smart contractsMitoshi will utilize the blockchain platform and with Ethereum smart contracts for collecting, distributing funds as well as in paying lottery sales commissions through our referral program. With smart contracts, neither winning numbers nor lottery tickets could be counterfeited. Mitoshi Cryptolotto will a decentralized community owned by the internet community – thanks to the power of the blockchain.
Signature: 5%, Blog/Article: 15%, YouTube: 15%, Twitter: 10%, Facebook: 10%, LinkedIn: 10%, Telegram: 10%, Translations: 10%, Airdrop: 15%.
Bounty manager: mitoshicrypto
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ONIZ15.09.201926.10.2019490% ONIZ Token is the payment value created by ONIZ Fund’s future technology development foundation. The ONIZ fund is an decentralized opensource fund and helps participants to raise capital as well as create subprojects from owning ONIZ token. With a powerful multi-chain wallet system, ONIZ allows the integration of crypto payments into daily life and online payments such as.
2M ONZ - 50k USD.
Facebook: 15%, Twitter: 15%,Video: 40%, Blog/Article: 30%.
Bounty manager: OnizOfficial
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PlanChain20.09.201924.11.20193349% PlanChain is a next generation Intellectual Property (IP) Asset Management Platform (patent pending) that is powered by the PlanChain (PLAN) utility token and the VechainThor Blockchain. The PlanChain platform will utilize DLT and blockchain technology to help manage, protect, and monetize IP assets in innovative ways. The PlanChain platform offers blockchain-powered IP asset management solutions in the areas of copyrights, trademarks, and patents. PlanChain is one of the few projects in the industry that will have utility before the public sale round. Thus, participants in our pre-sale and TGE will be able to use their PLAN utility tokens on the MVP of the PlanChain platform immediately after receiving their PLAN tokens. The PlanChain team is working towards a launch of the Proof of Ownership Engine (MVP) of the PlanChain platform during the pre-sale or node rounds of the TGE (and prior to the public sale round). PlanChain will be the first Vechain ecosystem project to provide discounts/bonus to Safe Haven node holders. The first node round that will be conducted after the pre-sale round will offer discounts/bonus to BOTH Vechain X-Node holders (VET) and Safe Haven node holders (SHA).
1.5M PLAN - 30k USD.
Telegram, Newsletter, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Content.
Bounty manager: PlanChain
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EMJACEmjac ICO Rating21.09.201931.10.2019977% Now, more than ever blockchain technology is revolutionizing the financial world, the most financial changes are happening in the financial industry. Introducing EMJAC a platform for recycled energy buyers to tokenize there procurement. We provide the technical and legal framework that bridges between the crypto and recyclable energy buyers. This token enables you to procure your commodities under a technology of blockchain with EMJAC token platform With Emjac Tokens buyers are formalized are protected using smart contracts under Ethereum blockchain. As well as in the blockchain economy, we see the protection of interest for crypto society as a major responsibility. We hope to ensure the recognition of the crypto world to a new reality in the modern economy. Join us in bringing the crypto to a real world.
2M EMJ - 200k USD.
Facebook: 15%, Twitter: 20%, LinkedIn: 15%, Signature: 20%, Content: 15%, Telegram: 10%, Bonus: 5%.
Bounty manager: guerdon services
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