Portal of bounty campaigns conducted by ICO. Nothing superfluous - only the current campigns. If you want to report on a campaign that we do not have - write in a personal here to this MAN. You can also join us on TELEGRAM.


Name Start date Finish date Description
Name Start date Finish date Description
Silkos Articles, Social Media, Bitcointalk, Reddit
EasymineTwitter, Facebook, Newsletter, Slack
TokenStub Bitcointalk, Twitter,Translation
CIF Airdrop, Facebook, Twitter, Translations, Blogs/, Media, Signatures
Conpay Facebook and Twitter, Translation and community management, Signature and avatar, Blog
Genesis Vision Facebook, Twitter, Signature, Blog, Translation & Community Management, Bug reporting
PEERGUESS Signature, Twitter, Blog and Media, Translation and Moderation, Telegram, Newsletter
Geens Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Avatar
Cryptonetix Signature, Translation, Social media, Blog
CommerceBlock Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Telegram, Medium, Steem, Reddit, Bitcointalk
EROSCOIN Blog & News Articles, Facebook, Twitter, Signature & Avatar, Newsletter & ICO Registration, Translation & Local Community, Create YouTube Video & Review, Reddit Activities & Community Support, Telegram Interactions & activities
Ethino Twitter, Reddit, Articles&Blogs, Youtube
Aigang Guest Post, Translations, App
AnryzeFacebook, Twitter, Medium, Slack, Telegram
Connectius 22.10.201718.01.2018Twitter (no report), Facebook (no report), Slack
Dirty Coin Facebook, Twitter
Dovu Twitter, Facebook, Newsletter, Telegram
Lockchain Facebook, Twitter, Slack
Startmining Twitter, Facebook, Newsletter, Slack, Telegram
Uoomag Twitter, Facebook, Newsletter, Slack, Telegram
Openmoney 01.10.201731.01.2018Twitter (no report), Facebook (no report), Pinterest, Refferal
Wireline Facebook, Twitter, Slack
Casagram Website and whitepaper translation, Blogging and articles, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin
A-TOKEN Translations and managing threads, Twitter, Facebook, News websites, ICO tracking websites, financial websites, Youtube channels
Honestis.Network Twitter, Facebook, Signatures, Subscribing to newsletter
bitJob Social media (Facebook, Twitter), Blog/Media, Translation and Moderation, Signature and Avatar, Slack and Telegram
STORM TOKEN Signature, Twitter, Translation and Moderation, Articles, Medium, Slack
Brickblock 11.07.201731.01.2018Signature and avatar, Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), Blog, Translation and community management, Media Publications
Gimli Facebook, Twitter, Bitcointalk signature, Targeted Forums, Translations and Forum moderation
SynchroLife Twitter, Facebook, Invite a friend to the SynchroLife app, Translation, Blog & Video, Signature
SPARC Social media (Twitter, Facebook), Translation
UMBRELLA COIN Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), Translation and Moderation, Blog and Media, Signature
Peerity Signature, Twitter, Articles and Translations
DentaCoin Social Media, Translation and Moderation, Signature, Blog, Slack
Integrative Wallet Twitter, Blog/Media, Translation and Moderation, Signature
iBuildApp NetworkSocial Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram), Bitcointalk Signatures, Blogging, Translation, Community Meet-up
Hash Rush Bitcointalk Translation, Bitcointalk signature and avatar, Blog, Facebook, Twitter
LakeBanker Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit), Media, Translation, Signature
Centra Signature, Bug Bounty, Translation/Moderation, Blog/Media/Youtube, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit)
MyWish Signature, Future contests, Translation and moderation, Bug bounty, Twitter and Facebook, Media, Slack
Auctus Signature, ANN e WP Translation, Media & Blog Posts, Social Network Campaign (Twitter, Facebook), Extra
Beeqb Facebook, Twitter, Signature, Translation, Special support
CRYPTOGENE Signature, Blog and Media, Translation And Thread Management, Twitter, Facebook, Slack and Telegram
Salt Coin Translation & Community Management, Articles and Media, Media/Video, Social Media (Facebook and twitter etc.)
Lordmancer II Bounty Campaign manager, Signature, Translation and Moderation, Blog and Media, Twitter, Facebook
Qvolta Signature and avatar, Translation and community management, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit
Lust Agency Twitter, Blog/Media, Facebook, Signature, Translation and Community management, contests
STEX Exchange YouTube, Facebook, Medium, Reddit, Translation, Twitter, Signature, Steemi, Article, Telegram
Relest Signature & Avatar, Twitter, Facebook, Translation and Moderation, Other Media and Blogs
PayPie Translation and Bitcointalk Moderation, Videos, Blogs, Social Media, Signature
ETHLend Social Media, Blog and Media, Translation, Signature
MODOVIEW Logo, White Paper translation, BitcoinTalk post translation, ICO website translation, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram
Grace Forum (Reddit, BitcoinTalk), Translation and Forum Moderation, Blog Posts/ Reddit Posts/ Videos, Facebook, Twitter
Change Twitter, Bitcointalk signatures, Bitcointalk translations and moderation, Youtube, Blog, Translation of whitepaper and other documents, Newsletter subscriptions
GraphGrailAi Blog & Media, Translation and Moderation, Signature & Avatar, Facebook, Twitter
Crowdholding Marketing Assistance, Whitepaper Improvement, PR Help, Sales Support, Development Work, General Support
Rocket Signature, Slack, Twitter, Media, Facebook, Translation&Moderation
STRIM Social Media (Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk), Translation
OXYCOIN Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Signature
BurstIQ Twitter, Blog, Signature, Translation
CARTAXI Translations and moderation, YOUTUBE, Twitter, Facebook, Signatures
Pally Website, content translation bounty, Twitter, Facebook, Steemit, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Article, Video media content
AirToken Signature, Articles, Twitter, Translations
FintruX Video Promotion,Community Managers, Telegram, Signature & Avatar, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs/Articles,Translations and Forum Moderation,Creative Social Media Promotion
Aeron Blogs/Media, Twitter, Facebook, Signature & avatar, Translation & community management
VALUS Twitter, Signature and avatar, Facebook, ANN Translation, Blogs, Articles and Media Campaign
Etherparty Signature
Dogezer 21.08.201715.02.2018ITO Preparation,Translations, Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), Signature
SWARM Signature & Avatar, Twitter, YouTube, Blog
Snip Signature & Avatars, News Snippets, Snip Ambassadors, Translations
KickCity Signature, Articles, Twitter, Translations
INSTACOIN Translations and moderation, Articles and video reviews, Twitter
Proxy Card Social media, Signature, Translation
SOMA Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Translation, Signature, Telegram
Minerva Creative Contest, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Translations, Telegram, Blog/Media, Exclusive Support, Signature
Bet Streak Affiliates, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Slack/Telegram, Creative (Graphics and Videos), Media /Support, Translation, Exclusive, Signature
Power Twitter, Facebook, Translation
Sharpe Capital TWITTER, Translation and moderation, Telegram, White Paper translations, Signature, avatar and personal text, Facebook, Blogging, Youtube, Promotion in other forums
Datum Facebook, Twitter, Media, Translation, Avatar/Signature
ARtoken Facebook, Twitter, Signature, Blog & Media, Translation & Community management
Cappasity Facebook, Twitter, Signature,Translation
Live Stars03.09.201715.02.2018Up to 3 900 000 LIVE tokens. Translation: 600 000 LIVE, Signature: 1 200 000 LIVE, Content & Media: 400 000 LIVE, Facebook (need report): 600 000 LIVE, Twitter (need report): 600 000 LIVE, Telegram: 100 000 LIVE, Special: 400 000 LIVE.
AbioCoin Signature and avatar, Translation, Media (blogs, publications etc.), Twitter
WORDCOIN Social network (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), BitcoinTalk Signature, BitcoinTalk Translation, Social media, Chinese messenger
CoinDrive Signature & Avatar, Translation, Articles, Facebook, Twitter, Videos, Telegram
UNIVERSA Wechat, Twitter, Signature, Facebook, Translation and community, Blog and Articles
Autonio Translation, Signature, Articles/ Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Best Autonio strategy
Loci Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Creative, Articles, Reviews, Publications, Translation, Signature, Management
Btcwall Translations, Twitter, Facebook, Website/Blog, True bitcoin horror stories
Lendoit Signature, Ambassadors, Articles, Videos & Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram
Hedgepro Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Oficial branch, Blogs, Other creative ideas
REGA Signature, Articles, Twitter, Translations,Community
Rhea Activity&Signature, Avatar, Twitter, Articles&Videos, Facebook, Translation
Flixxo TWITTER, Translation and moderation, Telegram, Signature, avatar and personal text, Facebook, Social Media (Blogging, Youtube, Forums)
Napoleonx 11.09.201710.02.2018Signature and avatar, Twitter (need report), Reddit, Medium, Facebook (need report), Youtube, STEEMIT & GOLOS, Video (other than Youtube platform), Blog and website (other than medium & Steemit & Golos), Article, Community management, Telegram Promotion, Refer a friend, Influencer, Marketing Genious, Translation
Zephyr Content, Signatures, Translations, Telegram/Discord, Facebook, Twitter
HAZZA Signature, Twitter
ICOMG Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit
PrettyCoin Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Signature, Translation and Community management
Rockchain Blog, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Bug & Security, Avatar & Signature, Translation & Management
Playkey Translations and moderation, Articles and YOUTUBE, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Signatures
ALLOY Facebook, Twitter, Refferal, Blog, Media, Translation, Moderation, Signature, Avatar, Youtube, Artwork, Animated Video
ALTOCAR Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Translation and community management, Writing articles / reviews / articles / press releases, Support for bitcointalk topics, Subscription / image bitcointalk campaign
ARNA 15.09.201710.02.2018Facebook (need report), Twitter (need report), Bug, Slack, Telegram, Signature & avatar, Blog & Media, Translation & Community management
SPARTA Translations, Signature, Blog/Media, Multichannel Support, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, Instagram, Random Lottery, Creative Contest
HireMatch TokenMarket, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Reddit, Articles, Reviews, Publications, Videos, Translation, Signature
Signal Translation, Twitter, Facebook, Articles/Blog Posts
SmartBillions Content, Signature, Twitter, Facebook, Translation
Horizon State Social media, Translations and moderation, Signature and Avatar, Reddit, Blog, Use Case promo, Telegram
Opporty Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Youtube, Telegram, Translations & Moderations, Signatures & Avatars
POLYMERIUM Subscription and userpic, Translation and Managment of the community, Blog, Facebook, Twitter
Goal Bonanza Translations, Facebook and Twitter, Blog Article & Videos, Signature, Community Management, Miscellaneous
3DESSignature, Local thread management, Blogs, Listings and channels
NOVACOOL Twitter, Facebook, Articles, YOUTUBE, Telegram
Viuly Signature, Articles, Twitter, Translations, Slack, Telegram, Newsletter
Ice Rock Mining Twitter, Facebook, Video, Blog, Translation
PROVIDENCE Signature, Blogs and Media, Translation and Moderation, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
SimplyVital Health Signature, Translation, Twitter, Blog/Media campaign
Modex Signature, Articles, Twitter, Translations, Slack, Reddit
GATCOIN Twitter, Facebook, Translation and Moderation, Blog,article ,media, video, Signature and Avatar
SmartHoldem Signature and avatar, Translation and community management, Facebook, Twitter, Blog posts and Media, Reddit, Telegram, Affiliate, Constructive comments
Synapse Twitter, Facebook, Video, ,Blog, Translation
SelfPay Signatures and Avatars, Translations, Social Media, Articles and Blogs, Telegram
SPECTRE Signature, Twitter, Slack, Telegram, Reddit, Newsletter
VentureOn Facebook, Twitter, Translation and Moderation, Blog and Media, Signature
GMP Project Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Signature, Translations, Social media
SmartProgress Signature & Avatars, Translations & Moderations
BitConscious Foundation Signature, Translation, Twitter, Facebook, Media
BREM Subscription and avatar, Translation and moderation of community, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, Blogs and mass media, Other activity
CLOUT Signature, Bug, Translation/Moderation/Steemit, Blog, Media, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Investorpromotion
Coinindex Bitcointalk, Reddit, Medium, Youtube, Twitter
Jincor 25.09.201731.01.2018Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), Blog & News, Translation and Moderation, Signature & Avatar, Youtube, Artwork, Refferal, Bug
CryptoAlias Bitcointalk, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Websites & Blogs
Alttradex Signature, Twitter, Translations, Article, Facebook, Tech Team, Marketing Team
Global Jobcoin Bugs, Facebook, Twitter, Signatures, Translations, Articles, Banner, Youtube
WITCOIN Translation, Twitter, Signature
Eloplay Signature & Avatars, YouTube, Twitch, Ambassadors, Telegram, Translations
Gizer Signature, Articles, Twitter, Translation, Gizer App Download, Reddit, Telegram, Newsletter
STORIQA Articles/Blogging, YouTube Video, Facebook, Signature and Avatar, Translation, Twitter, Artwork
Boule Twitter, Signatures, Translations and moderation, Youtube, Blog, ICO Newsletter Subscribers
GUTS Signature, Media/Article, Twitter, Translation, Telegram, Slack/Rocketchat, Referral
ZEUS EcoCryptoMining Social Media, Translation, Blog and Media, Signature
Bonpay Blog/Articles, Video, Translation and Moderation
FinTab 28.11.201714.01.2018Facebook (no report), VK (no report), Twitter (no report), Media, Telegram, Content translation, Signatures and avatars
Earth Token 29.09.201715.01.2018Social Media (no report), Translation, Blog and YouTube, Signature, Reddit, Linkedin, Telegram, Miscellaneous
Pundi X Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Translations, Telegram, Publications, Exclusive Support, Signature, LinkedIn, Gleam Contest, TokenMarket Contest, Medium Contest, Telegram
ChainTrade Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Article,Blog, Media, Signature, Translation, Ambassador, Slack
Stater Translation & moderation, Media, Youtube, Signature, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Referral
Quantstamp Signature, Translation and Thread Moderation, Social Media, Content Creation, Registration/Slack
MicroMoney Social Media (Facebook and Twitter), Signature, Blog Articles & Videos, Project Creative Support, Misc
RefToken Translation & Moderation, Blog & Media, Twitter, Facebook
CoinsOpen Translation, Signature, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Blog/Media
Flipz Facebook, VK, Twitter, Medium, Youtube, Instagram, Translation, Signatures and avatars
SmartOne Blog, Articles, Media, Bug Hunting, Project Development, Feedbacks, Constructive Comments, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Translation, External Services (Additional expenses)
Hearthy Social Media, Translation, Blogs, Medai/YouTube Videos, Signature, Reddit, LinkedIn, Medium, Telelgram, Steemit
BitDegree Signature & Avatar, Community management, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Translations, News, Blogs, Media, Artwork, Code audit
Spaceico Signatures, Blogs, Articles, Video, Transldtion, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter
StockBlock Facebook, Translation and moderation, Twitter, Signature, Blog
ExHasta Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Translation, Signature, Blog, Youtube
Cryder 03.10.201720.02.2018Social Media (need report), Translation, Signature, Blog
Gladius Signature, Blog/Media, Translation, Social Media (Facebook-Twitter-Medium), Telegram
Nousplatform 16.10.201731.01.2018Social media (need report), Content, Bitcointalk, Opinion Leaders
BankEx Twitter, Translation & Moderation, Signatures, Telegram, Facebook, Content
Zenome Signatures, Translation & Community, Blogging, Facebook, Twitter
RHOVIT Pre-ICO Whitelist, ICO Whitelist, Media Content, Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk Signatures, Whitepaper Translations
Nebeus Signature, Articles, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Newsletter
MODULTRADE Translation & Moderation, Articles & Youtube video, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Signatures
Etheal Translations & Moderation, Twitter, Facebook, Media, Youtube, Community management, Signature & avatar, Telegram, Refferal
Arbitrage Crypto Trader 07.10.201715.01.2018Facebook (no report), Twitter (no report), Translation, Blogging, Reddit, Signature
Copy Trader Signature, Translatio/Moderation, Blog/Media, Social Media (Facebook and Twitter), Slack and Telegram
DEVERY 05.12.201712.01.2018Articles, Videos, Reviews, Telegram, Reddit, Community Supporters
BeeSocials Signature, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Articles, Youtube, Translations
Multibot Signature, Avatars, Content, Media, Translation, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Affiliate
Tokenbox Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogs & Media, Signature & avatar, Translation & Community management, Ambassadors
INS ecosystem Translations & Community managment, Social Media (Facebook and Twitter equally), Blog Article & Videos, Signature, Telegram, Miscellaneous
SISA Signature, Articles, Twitter, Translations, Telegram, Reddit
GlobeTrotter Youtube
SOFIN 11.10.201715.02.2018Facebook (need report), Twitter (need report), Signature, Translation, Telegram, Blog/Media
Stockbet Slack, Make A Bet, Bitcointalk, Twitter, Translation, Meme
Freedomstreaming Signatures, Translations, Blog, Articles, Steemit, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube
OYSTER Signature, Articles, Twitter, Reddit
Blockbid Twitter
Inspeer Facebook, Twitter, Signature, Project support, BTT thread
Cashaa Translation, Social Media, Blog/Media, Signature
DropDeck Signature, Articles, Twitter, Translations, Telegram, Reddit, Newsletter
Ankorus Signatures, Translation & Community Managers, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, Blog
Jury.Online Signature, Articles, Twitter, Translations, Telegram, Reddit, Newsletter
Latium Signature, Content, Twitter, Translations, Facebook
Monaize Signature, Translation, Social media, Blog
Carblox 17.10.201709.02.2018Signature, Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), Articles, blogs and media, Steemit/Reddit/Medium/YouTube/Instagram/Telegram, Translations campaign
Investy Facebook, Twitter, Signature, Translation
Moirai Signature, Translation and moderation, Article and video, Facebook, Twitter, Slack and telegram
GLOBAL CRYPTO BANK Signature, Blogs and Articles, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram
FidentiaX Social Media, Translations and Moderation, Blog and Youtube Media, Signature, Reddit, Telegram
MilkCoin Signature, Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Translations, Reddit, Telegram
Wala Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Register & KYC, Questionnaire
IndaHash Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Content, Translations
Sine Airdrop, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube, Bitcointalk
Protex BitcoinTalk, Twitter,Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Translation
Mavin Social Media, Blog/Media, Translation, Signature, Telegram, Website Translation
HUMAN DISCOVERY PLATFORM Signature & Avatar Campaign, Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Translation and moderation
Bounty0x Articles, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Slack, Newsletter, Bugs
LiveEdu 21.10.201715.02.2018Signature and Avatar, Twitter (need report), Country Specific Marketing, Blog, Translation, Moderation & Community Management, Reddit, Telegram
AppCoins Signature, Articles, Twitter, Translations, Telegram, Reddit
LaLa World 25.11.201705.02.2018Social Media (no report), Translation, Creative, Signature, Special Bounty Private
Spectiv Signatures, Translations, Articles & Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Bugs Audit
WISEPLAT Social network (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), BitcoinTalk Signature, BitcoinTalk Translation, Social media
BitRent Signature, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Translations + management thread, News, Blogs, Articles
DROPANSWER Translation, Moderation & Community Support, Facebook, Social Influencers or Newsletter owners, Twitter, Signature, Creative
PodOne Signature, Telegram, YouTube, Blog and website articles, Twitter and Facebook, Translation
Enjoy Life 22.10.201715.01.2018Social Media (need report), Translation, Blog and YouTube, Signature, Telegram, Miscellaneous
DataTrading Signature and avatar, Mass media and Blogs, Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit,YouTube, Telegram), Translation and community management
Dimensions Network Translation, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Signature
Bazista 24.10.201704.01.2018Blog, Facebook (no report), Twitter (no report), Translation
CryptoTask Signature, Translation, Social media, Media
Arcona 27.10.201726.01.2018Facebook (need report), Twitter (need report), Telegram, Translation & moderation, Content, Signature
SATOSHI BREWERY Social Media, Signature, Publishing, Translations, Project Support
BRISK PASS 29.10.201715.01.2018Signature and Avatar, Twitter (no report), Facebook (no report), Instagram, Telegram, Creative, Translation
Krios30.10.201716.02.2018KRIOS had reserved 50 000 000 KRI for bounty. Krios Beta Registration - 25 KRI, Translation: 30%, Social Media (Facebook/Twitter - need report): 45%, Articles/Blog Posts: 20%, Telegram: 5%.
SUGAR Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Media, Signature
Caviar Social Media, Blog, Translation, Signature, Telegram
MeeTip Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Media, Translation, Signature
Proptheruem Signature
CryptoCopy Signature and avatar, Community management, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Blogs/Media/Youtube, Telegram
Tetarise Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Signature, Translation, Blogs
CyberMiles Signature, Referral, Content (blogs and media publications), Twitter, Reddit, Translation and Moderation (Telegram), Facebook
ReMeChain Signature & Avatar, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Bug report & Code audit, Artwork, Media and Blogs
Envion 02.11.201714.01.2018Signature, Translation, Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), Telegram, Blog
EtherSport Blogs, websites, press, YouTube videos,Bitcointalk,Facebook,Twitter,Translations and Bitcointalk language threads administration,Telegram,GitHub bug hunt
Syncfab Signature, Media/Article/Youtube, Twitter, Translation & Moderation, Telegram, Newsletter
Heardbeats Signature, Translation & Moderation, Media, Videos, Forums & Blog Posts, Twitter
Ccore Signature, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram
TCASH Translation, Blog Posts/Articles, Twitter
SCORUM 04.11.201714.02.2018Refferal, Vote, Comments, Approve blocks, Steemit
MEGA X Articles, Twitter, Video, Affiliate
METTA05.11.201701.01.2018Signature, Media/Article/Youtube, Twitter (need report), Translation & Moderation, Telegram
Tokenloyalty 05.11.201703.02.2018Signature, Translations, Community management, Twitter (need report), Telegram
Debitum Network Signature, Content, Translations
CrowdDrive Facebook, Twitter, Translation, Blog, Youtube
VLB Facebook, Telegram, Content, Translations, Bug
Travelchain 06.11.201710.02.2018Translations and Community management, Facebook (need report), Twitter (need report), YouTube, Instagram, Bitcointalk, Blogs & Trendsetters, Big Media
Trade Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Media, Translation, Signature & Avatar
LEAP Refferal
Health Monitor Signature, Translation and community management, Blog/article
Adpump CPA, Translation and Moderation, Content creation, Blog Posts and Video, Signature
RoboAdvisor Twitter, Signatures, Blog, Video
SYNTHETICS Signature, Article, Twitter, Translation & Moderation, Facebook, Reddit, Refferal
Sola Content, Refferal
Homni Articles, Youtube
FIC NETWORK Signature Campaign, Twitter, Facebook, TRANSLATION AND MODERATION
TeleX AI Twitter, Facebook, Signature, Translation, Newsletter, Blogs
HOLDME Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Telegram, Media, Translation, Signature, Airdrops, Advertising
Holy Coin Signature, Content, Facebook, Twitter
ASTRCoin 14.11.201731.01.2018Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), Telegram, Content, Translations
Tokenpay Signature and Avatar, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs/Articles/Reviews/Videos, Translation, Moderation & Forum Thread Management, Influencers
Veritium Twitter, Facebook, Signature, Translations & Mods, Social Media (Blogs/Youtube/Forums)
Red pill Twitter, Facebook, Signatures & avatar, Golos, Steemit, Decenter, Reddit
AdBank 15.11.201721.01.2018Signature, Twitter (no report), Facebook (need report), Blogs/Article, Translation, Newsletter, Telegram
Cottagecoin Signature, Blogs, Articles and YouTube, Translation and Moderation, Facebook, Twitter, Bugs in
Global Mining Token Project Signature, Media/Article, Twitter, Facebook, Translation
Globcoin Crypto Platform16.11.201731.01.20181.8% of the ico sale will be allocated for this bounty campaign. Assuming hard cap is reached, $45mil/100*1.8=$810,000. 50% for signature, 10% for twitter (need report), 10% for translations, 10% for blogs and content, 10% for telegram, 5% Reddit,5% Facebook (need report).
PikcioChain Signature, Youtube/Blogging, Twitter, Translation, Reddit, Telegram
Rexpax Signature & Avatar, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Translations
Algory 16.11.201708.01.2018Avatars, Signatures, Referral, Blog, Articles, Videos, Translation and moderation, Reddit, Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), Telegram
TOR-Q-ALL 17.11.201721.01.2018Signature, Articles, Twitter (no report), Translations, Telegram, Reddit, Newsletter
OPEN SOURCE UNIVERSITY articles, vlogs, Youtube, LinkedIn, Blog posts, Signatures & Avatars, Reddit, Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Translations & Community
Taklimakan Network 19.11.201720.02.2018Signature, Blogging, Facebook (no report), Twitter (no report), Translations
Jolyy Twitter, Blog, Translation, Video
Neuromation 20.11.201708.02.2018Refferal
AMOR Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk
Kinesis Twitter, Translation and Moderation, Blog/Media
PayPro22.11.201704.02.20181,100,000 PYP (2200 ETH) to be divided according to the stakes accumulated. Artwork: 6% (66,000 PYP), Video: 13% (143,000 PYP), Twitter (need report): 13% (143,000 PYP), Facebook (need report): 13% (143,000 PYP), Telegram : 5% (55,000 PYP), Articles: 13% (143,000 PYP), Translations and moderation: 15% (165,000 PYP), Signature: 22% (242,000).
WorldBit 22.11.201715.02.2018Translations and Forum Moderation/Local Community Management, Social Media (need report), Blogs Posts, Articles, Media posts, YouTube/Video, Signatures
Uservice 23.11.201701.02.2018Social Media (Facebook and Twitter - need report), Blog Article & Videos, Signature, Translates
Sether 24.11.201715.02.2018Social Media (need report), Blog/Media, Translation and Moderation, Signature, Telegram
TE-FOOD 24.11.201710.02.2018Signature, Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report)
Florio Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Translations, Telegram
CFun 25.11.201731.01.2018Signature, Facebook (need report), Twitter (need report), Telegram & Reddit, Blog & Media, Translation
Gilgamesh Platform 25.11.201715.02.2018Signature and avatar, Translations, Blog post/Media, Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), Reddit, Voting DAPP, Miscellaneous
Famebroker Signature&Avatar, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Blog&Youtube
BOON 28.11.201715.01.2018Translations, Facebook (no report), Twitter (no report), Blog Article & Videos, Signature, Telegram
Abelon 30.11.201720.01.2018Facebook (need report), Twitter (need report), Blogs, Articles, Videos, Translation, Signature
Nereus 30.11.201731.01.2018Blogging, Facebook (no report), Twitter (no report), Translation, Reddit, Telegram
MOLD Translation, Blog/Media, Twitter, Facebook, Signatures
Eristica 01.12.201707.02.2018Signature, Social media (Including activities on Facebook, Twitter - need report), Media and Blogs (Including activities on Golos, Steemit), Telegram
Bitmora 01.12.201726.01.2018Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), YouTube, Articles/Blogs, Slack, Translation, Signature
CoinPlace 02.12.201731.01.2018Sign & Avatar, Twitter (no report), Translations, Telegram, Facebook (no report)
FastInvest 04.12.201731.01.2018Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), Youtube, Blogs, Translations, Telegram
ATFS Project03.12.201711.02.2018ATFS offers a total 3% of all tokens released during the ICO as bounty campaign rewards. Signature 10%, Media/Youtube/Blogging 15%, Twitter (need report) 15%, Facebook (need report) 10%, Translation 15%, Telegram 5%, Creative 5%, Exclusive 25%.
Origami Network04.12.201715.02.2018You will receive a portion of the total amount of ORI tokens 10% of 50 000 000 tokens up for grabs (5 000 000). Blog/Video: 30% allocation (1 500 000 ORI), Translation: 20% allocation (1 000 000 ORI), Social Media/Reddit (need report): 20% allocation (1 000 000 ORI), Signature: 30% allocation (1 500 000 ORI).
STAKINGCOIN Twitter, Facebook, Comments, Youtube, Content, Translations
IQeon 01.12.201708.02.2018Facebook (need report), Translation, Twitter (need report), Articles, Reviews, Publications, Video, Signature
Chainium Signature, Social Media, Translation
Ibiscoin Content, Ambassador, Twitter, Translation, Facebook
Gifto Telegram, Twitter, Youtube, Written Content, Meme
DCX 06.12.201730.01.2018Signature, Facebook (need report), Twitter (need report), Article, Blog, Media, Video, Translation, Telegram, Miscellanous
Hidden Reviews Translation, Question, Avatar, Articles, Blogs, Youtube video, Artwork
Telcoin 07.12.201731.01.2018Twitter (no report), Signature&Avatar, Medium, Telegram, Refferal
Arbidex 08.12.201730.01.2018Signature&avatar, Blogs, Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), Telegram
SKRAPS08.12.201715.02.2018TOTAL 5,500,000 SKRP. Telegram - 275,000 SKRP, Signature - 825,000 SKRP, Facebook/Twitter (need report) - 1,100,000 SKRP, YouTube - 550,000 SKRP, Blog/articles - 550,000 SKRP, Translation - 275,000 SKRP, Referral program - 1,100,000 SKRP, Reddit - 275,000 SKRP, Telegram Sparks Campaign - 100,000 SKRP, Special rewards - 450,000 SKRP.
Majato 14.12.201702.02.2018Media/Content, Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), Translation, Telegram
Giza Device15.12.201708.02.2018As a way to reward our community, we are distributing 3.78% of all GIZA Tokens (1 390 000 GIZA) in our Bounty Program. Articles 486 500 GIZA, 347 500 GIZA Twitter (need report).
VINND15.12.201718.02.2018VINND CAMPAIGN 14,444,444 tokens (2,5%) - 9629ETH (ICO Price) - 7,185,518$. Youtube: 30%, Article: 25%, Translation and moderation: 20%, Social media (Facebook, Twitter need report): 15%, Airdrop: 10%.
BlockFood25.12.201708.02.2018We have reserved up to 5% of the BlockFoodTokens. Given the mechanism behind BlockFood's token sale, this amount can vary from: - The minimum total supply of BFT is: 1 428 571 BFT - The maximum total supply of BFT is: 92 571 428 BFT The minimum amount we will distribute is: 71 428 BFT The maximum amount we will distribute is: 4 628 571 BFT The total of BFT we are going to give to bounty hunters is distributed on 1000 points. If you get 1000 points, you get the whole pie. If you get 10 points, you get 1% of the amount of BFT we will distribute. The value of a point depends of the success of the project. The more the token sale is successful, the more BFT you will get. Twitter (no report), Signature, Video.
BeefCoin25.12.201731.01.2018Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), Article, Translation & Moderation, Signature & Avatar
SyncFab01.01.201814.02.2018Signatures and avatars, Twitter (need report), Telegram moderation, Facebook (need report), Content creation, Youtube, Telegram advertising, CryptoCompare, Bonus
YourBlock02.01.201819.02.2018THE TEAM HAS DECIDED TO RAISE THE BOUNTY REWARDS TO 300,000 EURO WORTH OF TOKENS. Signature: 25% (50,000 EURO in YBK), Youtube/Blogging/Articles: 25% (50,000 EURO in YBK), Twitter (need report): 10% (20,000 EURO in YBK), Facebook (need report): 10% (20,000 EURO in YBK), Translation: 20% (40,000 EURO in YBK), Other 10% (20,000 EURO in YBK).
Machtcoin03.01.201808.02.2018We will dedicate 100,000 tokens created in the ICO to the bounty campaign. Signature: 20%, Social networks (Facebook, Twitter - need report): 15%, Translation and Moderation: 15%, Articles/Reviews: 15%, Video: 15%, Reserved: 20%.
AlphaCoin12.01.201812.02.2018EARN MORE ALP TOKENS DAILY UP TO 10000 ALP. Listing in ICO Calender/Directory: 300 ALP/POST, Reddit Post Made about ALP: 100 ALP/POST, Reddit Announcement Thread Comment: 100 ALP, Reddit Comment about ALP: 50 ALP, Twitter/Facebook/Telegram comment on Crypto/ICO Groups about ALP: 100 ALP, Comment on bounty Thread with urls of your daily activity: 100 ALP/Day, Refer a friend: Friend needs to join Telegram and comment on thread: 100 ALP/Friend, Make Graphic Posters for ALP Marketing: 100 ALP - 10.000 ALP, Write an article on medium about ALP 100 ALP: 50.000 ALP, Make a video about ALP: 10.000 ALP - 100.000 ALP, Simply add a link to our ANN thread and /or ICO website and send us your profile: 100 ALP - 100.000 ALP.
FineCoin11.01.201813.02.2018Total Supply: 12 Million FINE. Account creation bonus: 10 FINE tokens, Referral : 25 + Referrals = 250 FINE tokens - 50 + Referrals = 550 FINE tokens - 100 + Referrals = 1,200 FINE tokens - 200 + Referrals - 2,600 FINE tokens, Translate the website in your language: 100 - 500 FINE tokens, Signature : 2.5 - 40 FINE tokens.
OnLive14.01.201809.02.2018A total of 1 MILLION $ in ONL tokens has been assigned to this bounty campaign. Signatures: 25%, Translation: 10%, Content (Youtube, Blog): 35%, Telegram advertising: 5%, Twitter (need report): 5%, Facebook (need report): 5%, Linkedin: 2.5%, Cryptocompare: 2.5%, Youtube: 2.5%, Newsletter: 2.5%, Bonus: 5%.
BLOCKv Medium, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook
Blocklancer 01.09.201731.01.2018Facebook (no report), Twitter (no report), Big-media, Blog/Steemit, BTT-signatures
CanYa Translation, Content, Bug's hunt, Facebook, Twitter, Community question
Hacken Facebook, Twitter, BitcoinTalk Thread, Signature, Translation, Blogging
Neufund Signature, Translation and Forum moderation, Blogs, YouTube Videos
Boosteroid Avatar and Signature, Videos and articles, Translations and public community management, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Telegram
BiTTO 01.12.201708.02.2018Affiliate
Miniapps Signature, Facebook, Twitter, Slack
Power LedgerTwitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Blogs/Articles
Techbench Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Telegram, Instagram, Medium, Translation, Content
Bugu Twitter, Slack, Telegram
CLIMATECOIN Signature and Avatar, Twitter, Translation and Moderation, Articles, Medium, Slack
Crypto Apartments Refferal
Crypto.ticketsTwitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Youtube, Steemit, Golos, Content creation
DeckSwap Referal
DIGIT Coins 08.12.201714.02.2018Refferal, Bitcointalk, Blog, Youtube, NEM community
Graft Amassador, Translation, Signatures, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, Media publications
AMBROSUS Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit), Bitcointalk, Content
METTASignature, Media/Article/Youtube, Twitter, Translation & Moderation, Telegram
Foreground Blog, Article, Reddit, Twitter, Translation, Signature, Youtube
Fundaria Signatures, Translations, Blog, Articles, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube
Blind Croupier Local Community Manager/Translator, Twitter
Ammbr Refferal program
Anna, the smart mirror Facebook, Twitter, Signatures, Translations
TEKY 01.12.201715.01.2018Twitter (no report), Facebook (no report), Blog articles, Help with media publications, BTT campaign
Javvy Twitter, Facebook, Youtube
MagosBitcointalk Signature, Translation and Moderation, Videos and Articles, Twitter, Slack
Covesting Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Signature and avatar, Crypto Trading Talents, BitcoinTalk Community, Translations, Blogs and media campaign
FinShi Capital Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Bitcointalk, Youtube, Instagram, Blogs (Slack, Medium, Golos etc), VKontakte, Translations, Bonus
LevelNet 28.09.201715.02.2018Signature, Twitter (no report), Video, Facebook (no report), Blog, Translation, Reddit
Measurable Data Token Telegram, Translation of the Whitepaper, Bitcointalk Signature, Blogs or Youtube videos
Robot Vera Referral
WorldCore Facebook, Twitter, Signatures, Blogging, BitcoinTalk Thread support
Customizable Basic Income Twitter, Blog
Crypterium 23.10.201718.01.2018Signature, Translation & Moderation, Media, Videos & Blog, Twitter (need report)
Herby Facebook, Twitter, Telegram,Bitcointalk, Youtube, Instagram, Blogs (Slack, Medium, Golos etc), Translations
SRG Twitter, Facebook, Signature, Other Creative Ideas
MediBloc Username Registration, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter
MingoCoin Email/newsletter, Signature, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Translation and Forum moderation
Socifi Translations & Forum Moderation, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Slack, Blogs/News
ODMC Twitter, VK, Facebook, Translation, News & Blogs, Signature
Papyrus Facebook, Twitter, Signature, Translation and Moderation, Blog And Media, Other ideasReferral Program
Paycent Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk signatures, Bitcointalk translations and moderation, Youtube, Blog, Translation of Whitepaper and other documents, Newsletter subscriptions
ProspectorsBitcointalk, Translations, Social media (Facebook, Twitter), Content Creation
Pylon-network Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter
Realisto Social media
Redemption Twitter, Facebook, Websites and Blogs
Refereum Signature, Translation, Game forums, Facebook, Twitter, Refereum thread support, Exclusive support
SaharaChain Facebook, YouTube, Translation, LinkedIn, Twitter, Interview with Journalist, Signature, Web Links or Banner
Siousada Bitcoin Talk, Facebook, Twitter, Translation, Reddit, Telegram/Instagram, Content Creation
SPIN Translation
Spotreee Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Signature, Articles, Translation
Synthiumhealth 01.10.201731.01.2018Twitter (need report), Facebook (need report), LinkedIn (need report)
ZeroSum01.01.201831.01.2018Translation, Signature
PARKGENE15.12.201719.02.2018There will be 1,000,000,000 GENE Tokens issued in total. As a bounty reward we will distribute 50,000,000 GENE Tokens, which equals to 5% from all GENE Tokens issued. Twitter (no report): 9.75%, Facebook (no report): 9.75%, Signature: 19.5%, Translation and moderation: 9.75%, Blog: 3.25%, Articles in popular media: 6.5%, Refferal: 41.5%.
Snovio Bitcointalk signature, Blogs, Forums, Media, Translation and Moderation, Facebook, Twitter
Vaultbank Facebook, Twitter, Signature, BTT thread, Blogging, Email/Website subscriber, Project support
Verify Union Big Media, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Translation, Bitcoin Thread, Bitcoin signature
B2Bx Signature, Translation and moderation, Twitter, Facebook, Bug Bounty, Blog articles
Birdchain Blog & News, BitcoinTalk
Bottos Content, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Youtube, Linkedin, Medium, Signature
DISTRICTS Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Linkedin, Telegram, Steemit, Bitcointalk, Youtube
Dropfoods Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Slack
Edgecoin 01.10.201705.02.2018Social Media (need report), Translation, Community management, Influencers
Female Token01.01.201831.01.2018Everyone can get up to 50 FEM per day. Facebook (need report), Twitter (need report), Instagram (need report).
Impact Earth 01.12.201731.01.2018Signature, Twitter (no report), Facebook (no report), Reddit, Telegram
Matryx Youtube, Twitter, Blogs, Medium
Naga Refferal
NITRO Signature, Translation, Social Media, Blog, Reddit
Popultrade Signature, Twitter, Facebook, Translation, Blogs, Newsletter
TokenDesk Reddit, BitcoinTalk, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Translate, Feedback
U.CASH Translate (Whitepaper, Website), News Source Article,Reddit, Medium, Steemit, Industry Article, Industry Listing, Integrate UCASH, Enhanced Apps, Advanced Portal, Conversion Platform, IBO Platform, U.CASH Frontend, Desktop Apps, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, NewsBTC, Blockchain News, Bitcoin Magazine, CoinMarketCap, CryptoCompare, CoinCap, YouTube Ad, Reality Video, Converter Video, Create Art, User Video, Create a Wallet, Facebook, Twitter, Sign-up Account
Vanillaplay Referral
XferMoney01.01.201815.02.2018A total of 6,250,000 XFM tokens (3% of total tokens) have been reserved for the bounty pool for the eligible participants. Content Creation: 30%, Twitter (need report): 15%, Facebook (need report): 15%, Telegram Join Our Channel: 5%, Signatures: 20%, Translation Whitepaper: 10%.
Xred BitcoinTalk Thread support, Translations, Social media, Refferal
XWIN01.01.201831.01.2018During the ICO XWIN 3% (XWIN tokens) of the funds attracted from the investors is sent to the Bounty Funds Distribution Program. Blockchain forum: 50%, Facebook: 25%, Twitter: 25%.